She Sleeps Like A Cow In Bikini And Her Boyfriend Puts Her Cock In Her Pussy When She Sleeps

She Sleeps Like A Cow In Bikini And Her Boyfriend Puts Her Cock In Her Pussy When She Sleeps

This is the next chapter in theNina series. Ella’s friend Hannah is now an intern in Nina’s office. Nina had been getting on well with Hannah over the last couple of weeks as her standard of work was improving. It had been three days since Hannah had complained to Ella about her and so three days since her last serious work related spanking. It was the work related spankings that were new in Nina’s life, ever since Hannah had started to work for her. It wasn’t only work related matters Nina had to be wary of. The 38 year old still had to follow instructions at home. Indeed Nina had also been spanked the day before yesterday but that was purely domestic because her room was too messy and Ella had warned her once about that, a warning that went unheeded and so required Ella to really warm up her stepmother’s bottom. Being spanked at home was the norm. Being spanked for wrongdoing at the office was new and very uncomfortable for Nina, not just the sore bottom but the encroachment on her business life. Of course Hannah wasn’t ‘spank free.’ She was subject to discipline from her Mum and sisters so also had to watch her behaviour at home. Her last spanking was two days ago when she spent a very painful half an hour across her Mums lap. Today Nina and Hannah were due to meet with a potential Client and if they won the account it would be a real feather in Nina’s cap. She was taking the meeting very seriously and was dressed in one of her most expensive business suits and in her beloved silk knickers and bra set. It was a warm sunny day so she had bare legs and the cream blouse under her jacket was sleeveless. Hannah had tried hard as well and wore a pretty short sleeved frill shirt and a bouncy albeit short’ish skirt and like Nina had bare legs. As Hannah’s last spanking was now a couple of days old there were no tell tale marks of a recent spanking on her legs. Hannah set up the presentation in the boardroom. The PC was on the table at one end and the screen was on, the screen on the PC showing on it. The Client came at the appointed time, mid morning, and Nina took her in to the boardroom. Hannah joined them and Lucy offered coffee and went off to fill the order. The Client, Mrs. Janice Hopkins, is in her late forties, well dressed, even to Nina’s mind, and business like. She came alone but seemed very confident. The meeting went well and Mrs. Hopkins asked several questions and during the negotiations asked for a different price schedule. Nina went to her desk to alter her spread sheet and Hannah stayed with Mrs. Hopkins. Unfortunately Hannah had stomach cramps and excused herself to go to the toilet leaving Mrs. Hopkins alone. She was a crafty negotiator and took the opportunity to sit at the PC and see what she could find. The first thing was Nina’s spread sheet that showed her opening price position, but most importantly her lowest figure, a very useful piece of information indeed. Happy with herself Mrs. Hopkins started to flick through the directories on the computer. She knew it was Nina’s laptop. Almost by mistake she went to the internet files and found a picture Nina will have been looking at, clicked on it, and gasped when she saw the picture was of a woman sitting on a chair with another younger woman across her lap clearly portraying a spanking as the woman across the lap already had a very red bottom and the spanker was holding a hairbrush. A few minutes later and Mrs. Johnson found a whole directory of pictures, all of women spanking or caning other women. She knew her way around computers and so quickly copied the photos in to another directory, found a picture slideshow programme and set the photos to run on the video screen. She had just finished when Nina returned. Nina looked at the screen and immediately saw they were her photos. She thought she had copied them and deleted them from her laptop but obviously not. For once at work she was completely speechless but Mrs’ Hopkins took that as an obvious admission the photo’s belonged to Nina, and the fact Nina blushed a deep red only endorsed that assumption. Nina turned to a smiling Mrs. Hopkins and said simply, “Oh.” Mrs. Hopkins guffawed in delight and repeated sarcastically, “Oh,” then after a couple of seconds continued, “Yes, Oh indeed. Does your boss know about this?” Nina was flummoxed. She is the Sales Director but reported to the Managing Director and she didn’t know about Nina being spanked at home. After all Nina was hard nosed at the office, giving no truck to those who made mistakes, and yet here she was, her secret out in the open, and in fact up on the screen. Nina answered the question with a simple but unhappy, “No.” Mrs. Hopkins was really enjoying Nina’s embarrassment. She asked casually, “What’s it like?” “It hurts,” Nina replied. That answered what Mrs. Hopkins wanted to know. She had assumed Nina was the spanker bearing in mind her reputation at work. She hadn’t expected to find hard nosed Nina was in fact the one on the receiving end. What a fact to discover. She worked through in her mind what she should do with the information. She already knew the lowest price Nina could go to so that wasn’t an issue. She looked at the 38 year old and thought she could have some fun. A lot of fun actually. She looked sternly at Nina and said, “Well my girl I think someone needs to teach you not to store this kind of stuff on your computer. Shall I do it or shall we go and see your boss?” That shook Nina. There was no way she wanted her boss to know about this. Equally she didn’t want a Client to have a hold over her because if she was forced to agree a low price it would be seen through. Nina never agreed a low price. Nina considered aborting the deal but then there was bound to be a de-briefing if such a large potential contract was lost. Nina had to decide what the best of a bad job would be, and so decided to throw herself at the mercy of Mrs. Hopkins. “You had better deal with me Mrs. Hopkins,” Nina said quietly, scrunching up her face, hoping to make Mrs. Hopkins feel sorry for her. It didn’t work though. Mrs. Hopkins opened her handbag and said almost triumphantly, “Lucky for you I have one of these with me.” She held up a hairbrush with a large wooden head and Nina looked from that to a grinning Mrs. Hopkins and put her hand to her mouth in despair. It was one thing for her to be spanked at home, but it now looked like Mrs. Hopkins was going to spank Nina here and now, in the boardroom at the office. A spanking at the office. Real humiliation and what if anyone else walked in? Would she ever have the respect of her workforce again? Just then Hannah walked in and took in the scene, an embarrassed looking Nina, the Client holding a wooden backed hairbrush, and the screen scrolling through spanking pictures which she had never seen before. She looked again at Nina who was biting her lip and then at Mrs. Hopkins who just couldn’t stop smiling and said to Hannah, “You have a naughty boss who is about to get her bottom smacked.” Hannah was still working out how Mrs’ Hopkins found the photos and managed to splutter out, “How?” Mrs. Hopkins chortled and said gleefully, “You left me with Nina’s computer so I found it.” Mrs. Hopkins glanced across at Nina who was looking daggers at her intern and Hannah had a very worried look on her face. Mrs. Hopkins said with a teachers stern tone, “Well Nina, how do you deal with staff who leave Clients with your computer?” Nina’s look hardened, she was momentarily back in office mode, and answered forcefully, “Very firmly indeed.” Mrs. Hopkins laughed when she saw a distressed looking Hannah, and said, “Hey dear, maybe I’ll lend Nina my hairbrush after I’ve used it on her bare bottom.” Hannah and Nina both gasped but for different reasons. Hannah because of the very suggestion Nina would spank her next, and Nina for the confirmation she will be spanked herself. Mrs. Hopkins allowed the comment to sink in before saying very sternly to Nina, “Come over here Nina. Looks like your intern had better watch.” Hannah looked at Nina awkwardly now she knew it was all her fault. Nina said, “Call Lucy will you and say we are not to be disturbed.” Mrs. Hopkins made a mental note that Lucy must know her boss is spanked and toyed with the idea of telling Hannah not to make the call but from her point of view she wanted to negotiate the lowest possible price later on and this was just a very pleasant extra bonus. There was no need to let everyone else in the office know she was spanking Nina, and in fact it might make the firm renegotiate, so she let Hannah make the call. In the meantime Mrs. Hopkins looked across at Nina and said light heartedly, “Chop chop girl, you need to have your bottom spanked.” Nina walked over to Mrs. Hopkins and looked down at her beckoning lap and the hairbrush. Mrs. Hopkins ordered, “Jacket off my girl, come on, then your skirt. I don’t want to crumple up your lovely suit.” Nina slipped her jacket off her shoulders and Mrs. Hopkins looked almost enviously at Nina’s long nicely shaped bare arms. Nina saw the glance but her only thoughts were about the spanking to come, not the fact she might look appealing to her Client. Nina unzipped her skirt and let it fall to the floor and bent down to pick it up, showing the whole of her cleavage to the Client. Nina caught Mrs. Hopkins staring at her breasts and wondered how come she was looking so longingly at a woman, but that had to be for later. Nina stored the bit of information away just in case it was useful. Hannah had told Lucy on the internal phone to keep everyone away from the boardroom as Nina was going to be spanked by Mrs. Hopkins. Lucy had let out a shriek and when she saw people looking her way covered her surprise up with a laugh and by putting her hand over her mouth. This was serious she knew. She had so many questions but decided she had to wait until later on to ask them. Hannah put the phone down and went to stand by the door, thinking she might still be able to stop someone coming in if they tried to, not thinking about the spanking noises that would be bound to be heard. She was young though and at least her heart was in the right place, well after causing the problem for Nina in the first place of course. “Over my lap dear,” Hannah heard Mrs. Hopkins command and looked across the room just in time to see Nina dressed in her bra and knickers only bend down across Mrs. Hopkins’ lap. Nina watched the floor come up and meet her and held out her hands so they balanced on the floor. She looked at Mrs. Hopkins bare calf muscles and shoes, rather expensive ones she knew. Nina sighed and groaned as she came to terms with her position across her potential Clients lap having her bare bottom rubbed and a spanking just seconds away. Mrs. Hopkins rubbed in large deliberate circles rubbing her bottom and legs, patting her bottom a few times, then more rubbing and a few pats on the back of her legs, and all the time making comments like, ‘What a naughty bottom you have,’ and ‘I wonder about those pictures Nina, really sexy but so naughty weren’t they?’ Nina groaned as Mrs. Hopkins was so obviously stretching out her humiliation and she wanted to scream at Mrs. Hopkins to get started but knew she mustn’t but the spanking got even closer when Mrs. Hopkins said sounding almost helpful, “Lift up dear so I can take these down for you.” Nina lifted her tummy and felt Mrs. Hopkins’s cool fingers slip under the elastic of her knickers and run them down her legs to just below her knees before resting her hand on Nina’s bare bottom. Mrs. Hopkins rubbed Nina’s bottom tapped her nicely formed bare bottom cheeks a couple of times and asked, “Shall I use my hand first or would you prefer me to use the hairbrush straight away?” Nina had never been asked before how she would prefer to be disciplined. The woman spanking her had always decided so she decided to play safe and said, “Whatever you decide.” Mrs. Hopkins lifted her hand and brought it down hard on Nina’s bottom and said sternly, Whatever you decide,” then added after another spank, “Mrs.” before giving Nina’s other bottom cheek two spanks,” “Hopkins,” followed by four very hard spanks. Nina gasped after each spank and said hastily, “Sorry, Mrs. Hopkins, whatever you decide Mrs. Hopkins.” Mrs. Hopkins rubbed Nina’s bottom again, looked at the back of her head, and said, “That’s better my girl show me some respect.” “Yes Mrs. Hopkins,” Nina responded. “Hhmm, well I think a few minutes with my hand will be best then.” Nina’s head dropped as she heard the statement and next second Mrs. Hopkins lifted her hand and brought it down hard on Nina’s bare bottom. She waited for the gasp Nina gave, nodded in satisfaction, lifted her hand, and gave Nina a stream of further spanks first on one bare bottom cheek and then on the other. Hannah saw Nina’s bare bottom cheeks bouncing around as bare hand squashed bare bottom only for the bare bottom to swirl and shake around, then settle just before the next spank squashed Nina’s bare bottom. Nina felt Mrs. Hopkins was spanking quite hard for a bare hand and knew she was gasping and squirming as the hand spanking continued. Nina looked mainly at the carpet but occasionally at Mrs. Hopkins’s calf muscles as they tensed as she brought her hand downwards. Her bottom was stinging and when she looked under the chair she saw her own legs kicking so reminiscent of being across her Mum’s lap or one of her stepdaughters’ lap except she was at the office, her office, where she was normally queen bee, the one who pushed all the staff, the one the staff respected. One thing though she knew and that was the spanking was every bit as hard, as punishing, her bottom smarted, the tops of her legs throbbed and still Mrs. Hopkins was spanking only with her hand. It was hardly a relief when the gap in the raining spanks occurred because Nina knew Mrs. Hopkins picked up the hairbrush and started to splatter the hard wooden head across her bottom and legs. Then she knew, the spanking was not just as hard as she got at home, it was harder, stingier. Hannah was enjoying the spectacle picturing her own bottom being spanked and even wondered what it might be like being across Mrs. Hopkins’ bottom right now. Maybe Mrs. Hopkins will still spank her. Her breathing quickened at the prospect. Nina wondered how much longer the spanking will last but Mrs. Hopkins didn’t stop spanking Nina and in fact tightened her grip, placing her leg over the back of Nina’s knees and grabbed her arm and brought it up in a half nelson, as she remembered had been done to her before by Steph, Hannah’s sister, and she recalled how she was kept in place so easily that way. She wondered why Mrs. Hopkins had chosen just now to enforce her control over her until she snapped an instruction to Hannah. “Take my phone dear and take a few photos.” Nina started to struggle as the spanking kept going at full force and Nina heard Mrs. Hopkins cackle witch like, a show of power over her. Hannah did as she was told and took the phone and snapped a few photos. Mrs. Hopkins kept on spanking Nina but snapped an order to Hannah, “Show me girl.” Hannah showed Mrs. Hopkins the photos and again Nina heard the woman cackle, “Great photos dear, take some more. Show me afterwards so make sure they show Nina in her full glory.” Hannah took several more photos feeling uneasy. Mrs. Hopkins kept spanking Nina and asked to see them and laughed. Nina was kicking her legs and squirming around on Mrs. Hopkins lap and was surprised when Mrs. Hopkins announced, “Up you get Nina, but it’s not over.” Nina eased herself up and rubbed her stinging bottom. She was so sore but the rubbing didn’t help, but it was something. Nina was horror struck though when she heard Mrs. Hopkins say, “Right Hannah, you sit down give Nina a good hard spanking. It will do her good.” Hannah gasped and was about to object but was beaten to it by a crying Nina who said in a very shaky voice, “No way.” Mrs. Hopkins looked sternly at Nina and said sharply, “Either Hannah spanks you here or in the general office my girl.” Mrs. Hopkins stared at Nina then at Hannah who stared at Nina who scrunched her face up tears running down her face and nodded. Mrs. Hopkins looked jubilant as Hannah reluctantly sat on the spanking chair. “Lift your skirt up Hannah sweetie,” Mrs. Hopkins ordered, and watched smiling as 18 year old Hannah pulled her skirt up her thighs and smiled broadly as Nina bent down across Hannah’s bare legs and started to rub her 38 year old boss’s bare red bottom. As if it wasn’t enough that Nina has been spanked for the first time in the office and by a real bitch of a Client, now Nina is going to be spanked by her own intern, a girl twenty years her junior, the girl who she orders about, tells off, snaps at, and is generally assertive over, that very girl is about to spank her. Nina squirmed around on Hannah’s lap to make herself comfortable, then scrunched up her face as she knew she would be doing rather more squirming around on this self same lap, once Hannah started to spank her. “Make it good and hard Hannah dear so I get some good pictures,” Mrs. Hopkins instructed smiling rather nastily. Hannah lifted her hand and brought it down hard on Nina’s bottom only to be told sharply, “I said hard Hannah so make it hard.” Hannah looked unhappy as she spanked harder whilst Mrs. Hopkins snapped away. After several minutes watching Hannah spank her boss with her hand Mrs. Hopkins announced, “Time for the hairbrush dear.” Hannah picked up the brush and scrunched her face knowing it was going to really sting Nina who was still squirming as she knew Hannah picked up the brush and rested it on her burning bottom. Seconds later Hannah lifted
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the hairbrush and gave Nina the first of dozens of harder and harder spanks with the wooden paddle brush. Nina kept kicking her legs and squirming and crying and yelping as she struggled to cope. All the time Mrs. Hopkins kept taking photo after photo. “You can stop dear,” Mrs. Hopkins eventually declared. Nina kept crying as she lay across her interns lap. Mrs. Hopkins stood next to Hannah and rubbed Nina’s bottom then smacked her hard on the back of each leg and said firmly, “Up Nina.” Mrs. Hopkins asked Hannah, “Did you enjoy spanking your boss Hannah as you did it very well.” Nina slowly edged herself up and stood looking at Mrs. Hopkins as she rubbed her stinging bottom. She wasn’t cross with Hannah, although mightily humiliated and she blamed only Mrs. Hopkins. Hannah looked at Mrs. Hopkins and nodded her head slowly, but was thinking how in fact she really did enjoy spanking Nina. She could see the power of being able to cause pain to someone else, watch their bottom turn red as they squirmed around on her lap and listen to them crying. It was so arousing as well. She got aroused when being spanked of course and this wasn’t the same. No, it was better. Not quite how she felt when being spanked by her Mum or one of her sisters. Sure it hurt when she was actually being spanked, but afterwards, when alone, that was unbeatable, that stinging sore feeling was unimaginably sensational, and the masturbating was sensational, erotic, mind-blowingly erotic in fact. Or so she thought until today when she realised she really enjoyed spanking Nina, just as Mrs. Hopkins clearly enjoyed spanking Nina. She bet Mrs. Hopkins will masturbate tonight. Mrs. Hopkins hooted with delight as she knew she had so many photos and this afternoon would use them to negotiate a price 10 per cent below Nina’s lowest price and that would round off a wonderful day for her. She walked over to Nina and flicked through a few photos and giggled when Nina moaned at the sight of each photo. Satisfied Nina knew exactly the evidence Mrs. Hopkins had the Client turned Nina around and said, “Well Nina, it’s lunch time but let’s make sure sitting is a bit awkward for you shall we?” Nina saw Mrs. Hopkins raise her hand aiming for the backs of her legs and had to stand still, or at least as still as possible, while Mrs. Hopkins gave her two dozen spanks on the tops of her legs and Nina knew sitting would be a trial. Nina took a while to recover still rubbing her sore hot bottom as fast as she could, her tear filled eyes unseeing, but her ears heard Mrs. Hopkins order Hannah, “Book somewhere for lunch girl and make it expensive.” “Yes Mrs. Hopkins,” Hannah answered. Hannah left the boardroom to speak to Lucy who was still on guard outside and asked about lunch. She also told Lucy about the photos. Lucy knew where Nina would want to take Mrs. Hopkins. The Candy Bar. A lesbian bar and one Nina has used before with difficult clients. Bella is the Manageress. Twenty minutes later Mrs. Hopkins Nina and Hannah were in the bar having a drink. Nina had recovered her composure and told Hannah to keep Mrs. Hopkins talking to give her a chance to speak to Bella. “I need your help Bella,” Nina said with a wink. “Sit,” Bella invited Nina. Nina answered, “That’s OK, I’ll stand. Courtesy of the bitch I’ve brought with me. She just thrashed the living daylights out of me but took photos and is going to blackmail me.” Bella laughed knowing what that meant, then asked seriously, “So a business deal is involved eh Nina?” Nina answered seriously, “Yes Bella, a big one.” Bella touched her nose and said, “Leave it to me.” “Bella,” Nina said earnestly, “I need photos of her with another woman, ones I can use.” “Ha, no problem Nina.” Bella went back to the bar and suggested to Mrs. Hopkins there was fun to be had upstairs. Mrs. Hopkins chuckled and agreed to go upstairs and insisted Hannah join her. Hannah was thinking maybe she will get spanked by Mrs Hopkins and asked her. A laughing Mrs. Hopkins replied that will most certainly happen if she gets bored but to wait and see. She gave Hannah a smack just to show she was in charge. A very confident and relaxed Mrs. Hopkins followed Bella upstairs where there was another bar and several very attractive women. Bella gave Mrs. Hopkins and Hannah a drink and left them to go and speak to a very pretty woman on the other side of the room. A few moments later the woman went over to Mrs. Hopkins and started to chat. Her name is Grace and she explained that she is in a lesbian relationship but an ‘open’ one so she and her partner went out with other woman. That’s why Grace was here today, to have sex with someone new. Hannah looked in awe but was ignored. Grace asked, “There are private rooms if you want to have a more, erm, personal chat.” Mrs. Hopkins thought Grace to be rather appealing, dressed, well almost dressed as she wore an extremely short skirt, a tight sleeveless top without a bra so her nipples stretched through, and shoes. Mrs. Hopkins had never before been with a woman but could not get over the way Grace looked and spoke, and the way she ran her finger along her arm as she spoke. Mrs. Hopkins agreed and the two of them went to a private room leaving Hannah in the bar. Grace pulled Mrs. Hopkins close to her as soon as the door was closed and kissed her, her tongue going deep inside her mouth. Mrs. Hopkins responded, kissing back, and her hand soon slipped under Grace’s top and cupped her bare breasts, squeezing Grace’s taut nipples. A few minutes later they stopped, laughing as they quickly removed their clothes resumed their lovemaking naked on the bed entwined in each others’ arms taking turns to kiss the others breasts and tummy and thighs and to lick her pussy. Bella told Hannah to go in and take her photos as the ‘bitch’ was so close to orgasm she won’t notice. Hannah went in and saw a naked Mrs. Hopkins enjoying the attention Grace was giving her and took several photos showing Mrs. Hopkins face and having her bare breasts gently kissed and licked and several more of her with Grace between her legs kissing her pussy. Hannah then took Mrs. Hopkins phone from her bag and deleted all the photos of Nina and took several new ones of Mrs. Hopkins with the naked cavorting Grace. Hannah had finished and was ready to leave when she caught Grace looking at her, winking, smiling, as she nuzzled Mrs. Hopkins pussy, and Hannah smiled back, in awe, realising Grace was doing Nina a favour, knew exactly what she was doing in fact. Hannah closed the door to go downstairs to Nina hearing the long low gasps of orgasm from Mrs. Hopkins as she closed the door behind her. “Look,” Hannah said to Nina almost breathless having watched the two women making love. Nina laughed as she saw the compromising photos. Hannah said, “I deleted the ones of you Nina and took some more with her phone to replace them.” Nina looked up gleefully and shrieked, “What a star Hannah, well done.” Bella joined them. “Grace is one of my favourites Nina, always game to help me when some pussy is there for the taking. Her Partner is lovely as well and we have often had a threesome. You should try it sometime. “Nina was delighted with the outcome and said, “Maybe I will Bella, anyway give Grace a big kiss from me.” Hannah looked from Bella to Nina not realising this kind of club existed but kne she would visit again. Nina and Hannah waited for Mrs. Hopkins to come back downstairs and she was full of herself. Nina got up and started to walk towards the door when Mrs. Hopkins gave her a hard smack on her bottom. Nina gasped as she was so sore from her earlier spanking and although a few women chuckled it wasn’t so unusual to hear the slap of a bottom in the bar. Bella smiled at Nina who stayed calm knowing she was going to turn the tables very soon. Back in the meeting room at the office Mrs. Hopkins sat at the top of the table feeling so in charge. Nina sat on one side and Hannah on the other side. Nina said, “Put the figures up on the screen Hannah please.” Mrs. Hopkins looked at the figures but knew them. She offered a price 10 per cent below what she knew was Nina’s lowest figure. She smiled as Nina looked uncomfortable, at least until Nina turned to Hannah and said, “How about the film show Hannah?” Mrs. Hopkins froze when the first picture flashed up on the screen showing her in a very compromising position. “Nice,” Nina gloated as the second photo hit the screen. Mrs. Hopkins scrambled for her phone and went to the photos but as she glanced up at Nina’s face she knew they won’t be there. The third photo flashed up on the screen. Mrs. Hopkins screamed, “You don’t win Nina, the deal’s off, so put that in your knickers.” Nina looked back fiercely. “The deal is on Janice,” Nina said, calculating what 10 per cent above her quoting price was and giving Mrs. Hopkins that price adding, “You will agree that price or these photos go to your husband. I don’t suppose a grand English Lord will want his wife to have been to a gay bar and had sex to boot.” Mrs. Hopkins gasped, knowing Nina was right. Ten minutes later the two year contract was signed and a very annoyed but beaten. Mrs. Hopkins was about to leave when Nina said with a slight smile, “Anyway Janice, it’s not a complete loss. You spank very hard, and who knows what will happen when we re-negotiate in two years time.” Mrs. Hopkins’ face just about cracked as she realised she had been trumped but Nina was right, there could be fun times ahead. When the door closed behind the crushed Client, Nina took Hannah in to the conference room and broke open a bottle of champagne. It was late now and everyone else had gone home. Nina said gleefully, “Here’s to you and a great job done Hannah,” Nina lifted the glass to her lips. “You were great deleting the photos, and copying the photos on to the computer for the slideshow.” Hannah envied Nina though. She knew Nina had been so hard nosed as after all she had been spanked and must have such a sore bottom but was still able to set the rotten Client up. It was Nina’s hard business side, the side that made her so ruthlessly successful at the office that actually won the day. They drank most of the bottle and even chatted about Hannah having spanked Nina, her boss. Hannah said with a giggle, “You are so naughty Nina, maybe I should spank you again.” Nina felt merry, but not drunk, but after laughing out loud replied just slightly slurring her speech, “You know, maybe you should and I have a spare hairbrush in my bag.” Hannah put her glass down, flattened her skirt and said sternly, “Right my girl, I want your bare bottom over my lap, like now.” Nina got up, made a big show of lifting her skirt above her waist and lowering her knickers below her knees, and hobbled across to Hannah and bent down across the 18 year olds lap. Hannah had a broad grin on her face as she held the brush in her left hand and rubbed Nina’s bottom with her right hand. She looked at Nina’s bare beautiful bottom and wanted to kiss it all over, and as she rubbed Nina’s bottom edged her legs apart and ran her fingers along her hair mound which already felt moist, looked at the back of Nina’s head and licked her lips in anticipation. Nina looked at the floor and felt aroused by Hannah’s rubbing, and when Hannah ran her hand between Nina’s thighs she quickly obliged by parting her legs and felt tingly as Hannah ran her fingers along her pussy. The first spanking Hannah gave her was under the watchful eye of the bitch Client, but this was more relaxed, more erotic. 38 year old Nina across the lap of her 18 year old intern. It felt good. Hannah raised her hand and brought it down hard on Nina’s bottom which caved in under her firm spank and Hannah marvelled at how Nina’s bottom cheek swirled. The next spank was harder and the one after that harder still and the gasps coming from Nina gave Hannah more and more of a thrill and encouraged her to spank ever harder and harder. Nina was squirming around on the 18 year olds lap as her bottom stung more and more, helped by the drink and an increasing need to have an orgasm. Hannah spanked Nina hard for several delicious minutes, then stopped, rubbed her boss’s bottom, rubbed the inside of her thighs, and ran her fingers along Nina’s pussy. Nina lifted her bottom up and parted her legs and groaned as Hannah rewarded her with sweeping sweet loving caresses of her pussy and as the teenagers fingers entered her so Nina gyrated and groaned. Hannah heard the groans and with a wicked grin edged her finger deeper inside Nina and found her clit which she happily flicked and felt a quiver in her own pussy when Nina groaned louder but then in a show of power Hannah stopped, withdrew her hand, enjoyed hearing Nina tut with disappointment and started to spank Nina again telling her how naughty she was. Hannah knew she was enjoying spanking her boss, the control, the giving of pain, she could see how spanking a woman was so erotic as she was getting wetter as she spanked and thought if she spanked Nina long enough she would cum as she spanked. Hannah picked up the hairbrush and knew the real power play had started. It all became clear to her, why her sisters enjoyed spanking her and laughed with glee as they made her cry and still spanked her hard. It was far better than being spanked, no pain for a start, and she remembered what her Mum had told her, how she gets on with her day after spanking her daughter whilst Hannah goes to her bedroom or the bathroom to rub her stinging bottom, can’t sit for ages, and tears well up when she thinks of the pain of the spanking. The memory lasts for so long when spanked, but not for the spanker. Hannah wanted to be the spanker from now on. She will tell her Mum when she gets home she is done with being spanked. Hannah kept spanking Nina and wallowed in the joy of watching Nina’s bottom swirl, her legs kick and buck, her head shake which reflected the pain the 18 year old was forcing on her 38 year old boss, the woman she had such a crush on. Hannah suddenly shook herself, realising Nina was now screaming in pain like she didn’t before, not when she was spanked by her stepdaughter that first time nor by Mrs. Hopkins today. Was it too much, too hard. Would Nina hate her? “Are you OK Nina?” Hannah asked with more than a slight panic in her voice. Nina didn’t hear. She was struggling with the spanking, although felt Hannah rub her bottom and the tops of her legs, round and round in huge circles, calming Nina down, and as the cries turned to sobs Hannah again ran her hands between Nina’s thighs and as Nina parted her legs so Hannah again caressed her wet pussy and quickly edged her fingers inside her, found her clit, and Hannah calmed down herself when Nina started to groan again as she moved towards orgasm. Hannah played with Nina’s pussy and started to enjoy again the power she had achieved over her boss. Hannah watched as her boss revelled in the sexual pleasure she was giving her and forgot her own arousal, as she took Nina towards her orgasm. Nina allowed the 18 year old to play with her however she wished because when her clit was being flicked and rubbed Nina used the pain to increase the erotic sexual sensation she only ever felt after a long hard spanking. Moments later Nina let out a long gasp followed by another as Hannah’s fingers fondled her wet pussy and Nina had a wondrous orgasm. Nina shuddered as the orgasm rippled through her, with eyes that were still tear filled, the stinging pain stepping across her burning bottom. Slowly Nina recovered as she lay across her interns lap, Hannah’s bare legs slowly becoming clearer, and then the realisation that the 18 year old had just spanked her for the second time today and given her such a memorable orgasm. Nina sniffed a few times, wiped her eyes, and squirmed around to look up at the 18 year old waiting to be told to get up. Hannah saw her boss’s face and knew she didn’t hate her thankfully, there was even the beginning of a smile when Hannah told her, “Up you get Nina.” Nina edged herself up, stood in front of her intern rubbing her bottom. Hannah stood up and was inches from Nina’s mouth and craved for a kiss. Nina kept rubbing her bottom as she smiled at Hannah who smiled back. Nina kept one hand on her bottom and the other went between Hannah’s legs inside her knickers and held her pussy firmly, Hannah gasped and put her arms around Nina’s neck, they kissed, open mouthed, Hannah’s tongue in Nina’s mouth, still in charge, Nina submissive, her fingers inside Hannah and it was the teenagers turn to groan and gasp as she pulled the 38 year old tighter and twisted and turned as Nina brought Hannah to her own orgasm, and as she juddered and jerked in erotic delight so they held each other tightly. Nina slowly recovered and knew it was time to take back control from the intern. “Hannah, it’s time to get home I think, at least it’s the weekend but have a good rest as we have a busy day on Monday.” Hannah smiled and blushed. “Yes Nina I know, and I hope it is as successful as today.” “It will be Hannah, I am sure of that.” Hannah decided she would spank Nina again, soon, but didn’t dare say anything. Nina wasn’t quite sure how she felt. In pain, of course, but she wasn’t sure how she felt about Hannah. Time would tell, and tomorrow it would be clearer in her mind. Hannah said determinedly, “I’m telling Mum not to spank me again Nina. I have to.” “Go for it Hannah if you think you will get away with it,” Nina laughed as she wondered how Hannah’s Mum will react to that. Not well she suspected. In fact she reckoned her 18 year old intern was more than likely going to get her bottom spanked tonight. Nina couldn’t wait for Monday now to find out. To be continued …

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