Empty Redhead Pussies Fucked In The Morning At A Fite Hotel

Empty Redhead Pussies Fucked In The Morning At A Fite Hotel

I am seen  As I’m at workMy office door is closedMy office window shades are drawnBut someone watching knows Every single move I makeJust like in the songHas me always on displayAnd showing myself off I sense I’m viewedAs I get dressedAlone and in my houseDeciding what to wear that dayAnd ironing my blouse The thrill of peering eyes on meSliding stockings onPutting on my lipstickFastening my bra Or just observedAs I reclineRelaxingWith my catI cannot see who watches meYet it excites me that Shelter
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just does not existEven in my bedAnd fast asleep, one arm thrown backCrumpled sheets kicked off my legs I am looked at  All the timeI never am aloneBeing seen is like a drugAnd my addiction grows I love that I am monitoredAnd don’t care to escapeI feel the looksAt every hourEvery single day You’d think that it would bother meThat nothing is unknownWhen spying eyes can always seeAnywhere I go But to me, it’s just the oppositeI love to be on showAnd I don’t want to change a thingBeing so exposed.

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