Let the country work fuck a brunette pussy

Let the country work fuck a brunette pussy

I read on the internet that this weekend was the ‘freezy’ festival in my town, three nights of free live music, street food and DJs. I decided to go on that same Friday night to enjoy the atmosphere and the crowd even though I didn’t know any of the artists playing. My flat-mate Marcus decided to tag along. He checked with me whether his converse or shoes complemented his casual shorts and marcel outfit and we went for the classier shoes to give him a more mature look. Between me in my colourful summer dress and him showing off his toned arms, we looked like an attractive couple walking into the concert hall, although we were both single and I did not want to appear taken. We did a first round of the room. I listened to some hardcore metal with a huge grin on my face as it reminded me of my excited teenage years, but Marcus couldn’t stand more than a few songs. I could not understand the lyrics from a Tyrolean singer songwriter so we quickly went on and settled on a fusion-reggae band that was energetic and positive. While dancing modestly to the music I kept my eyes open for other friendly faces or good looking men but I could not find any so far. I felt like moving a bit more but Im living with Marcus simply as friends and I did not want to tease him or put a sexual undertone in our relationship. I just kept smiling at a man in a wheelchair on my left who just looked puzzled by the attention. Nothing much was happening so we decided to walk around the different rooms again, and then try hitting the DJ parties. We shared a strange German style vegetarian curry and went to the larger room where a Jamaican party was supposed to take place. People were still relaxing around the dance floor after the previous concert and only a handful of people were dancing, very slowly, to the warm up tracks. Marcus and I were already a bit tired and sick of waiting so we decided to go heat up that dance floor and then go home. It was the first time we danced together even though we had talked about it a lot as I take classes almost every evening and had been telling him about it. I felt that I had to bust some moves so even though the music wasn’t quite right I started swaying my hips and rotating my torso in rhythm. He seemed to appreciate my arms shooting straight above my head and sensuously brushing my hair on the way down. Marcus got into a street dancing groove, marking the beat with his knees and hips. Simple, but I have to admit it was more in style than my Latin twisting and rolling. People started trickling onto the dance floor and, after a few more songs, a good atmosphere was building up. My attention kept going back to a group of tall men that were moving in a real Jamaican style. It was very minimalist, their long legs bent with the knees going from one side to the other with a soft sway of the hips and arms loosely swinging. I didn’t make a move right away but let my eyes roam the room. A lot of guys had girls with them but I couldn’t tell whether they had just met or came together. I was about to make my way to jam with the Jamaican dancers when I made eye contact with a man I had noticed before. His dancing blended in but his body and face were especially beautiful. He had jet black dread locks and shaved sides and had a thin yet athletic medium body build that I liked. His face caught my attention: cheek bones standing out in an unusual contrast with his otherwise very African features, like full lips and black pupils shining on the bright white of his eyes. Lust must have shone through my glance because he came to me and started dancing close to me, but without making physical contact. I could see him studying Marcus out of the corner of his eyes, which I was doing as well to gauge his reaction. When no objection came, things started moving very fast. My handsome man quickly turned his back to Marcus, hence separating us, and came closer to me. He placed his hand on my back in a standard partner dancing hold and I lightly placed my forearms on his shoulders and kept marking the beat with my hips. I could already smell his musky sweat and I was happy with my choice. He walked us away from Marcus and held me closer and closer. My breasts were against his chest and I felt our warmth mixing together. He slid his hands down on my hips and gently controlled their movement. I played the game and pushed back into his hands exaggerating the sensual swaying. After less than a song he asked me with a strong African accent if I wanted to go outside with him for a while. I shook my head and said it was too soon. He danced another song before asking me again. His breath also came with an untamed musky smell that matched his body. I looked at his face again and agreed to step outside. He led me by the hand to the back of the dance floor, wrapped his right arm around my waist and walked me outside. I felt like a typical party girl accepting to go too far too soon but I must have been imagining the judging stares. I decided to relax and see where it led. He walked us through groups of people standing outside the hall and found a quiet corner next to the festival’s entrance. It wasn’t romantic by any means, with people having their bag searched at the entrance by security guards, a bare concrete floor and a grey wall with a few whimsical trees. He leaned his back against the wall and he held my lower back tightly, his hands almost on my ass. He asked my name and we exchanged the usual banalities on our birthplaces and the time we spent in this city. He cut short to the chit chat saying that now he wanted to kiss me, so I pushed myself closer to him to meet his lips
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. His full lips softly met mine and soon our mouths were opening. His tongue darted forward in a sharp hard point and started probing mine. I did not know how to react and tried to suck it in my mouth but he didn’t let himself be taken so I abandoned and submitted to his invasion. His hands were still on the small on my back and hovering above my ass as he was pressing us together. I could sense that if I let my pelvis go forward I would feel his erection. We chatted a bit more about our families, brothers and sisters, which felt like a polite way of spending the minimum amount of time together before going onwards. He kissed me again and suggested we get out of the festival site to find more privacy. He said he wanted to give me good hard sex. I agreed right away. I had let myself be taken this far so why not get my satisfaction from it. He seemed like a decent guy so I followed him outside in a darker and emptier space. We passed the security guards and the people coming in and again the feeling of being an empty party conquest rushed through me. We walked on a gravel alley towards the small car park, went around an unkempt bush of thorny and dry plants and settled next to a big old oil barrel. He pushed me against it, grabbed my ass with both hands and, frankly, pulled me into him. I wrapped my arms around his back and enjoyed the feeling of his muscles and hard shoulders... and the arousal in his black jeans. His hands were already under the hem of my dress and caressing the back of my thighs. He told me again he wanted to give me hard sex. I tugged at his shirt to lift it out of his jeans so he quickly untucked and gave me access to his skin. His belly was smooth and toned. I wanted to take a step back to admire him but he did not let me increase the distance between us even when I strained against his hold. He roughly turned me around and pushed my breasts against the barrel, pressing me down with one hand and quickly pulling up my dress with the other. He grazed my outer labia through my thin skin-colored panties not paying attention to my growing need. He grabbed my panties on both sides of my hips and exposed my ass and vulva to the cold night air. My breath was quickening and I could feel my heart picking up its pace. From what I could hear behind me, he was in the same state. He lightly spanked one of my ass cheeks and I heard him fumble with his belt followed by the familiar sound of a zipper being pulled down. Suddenly, we heard footsteps coming closer on the gravel and a stout man emerged from the entry of the car park. My man stepped closer to me but didn’t cover himself or my exposed flesh. The car owner gave us a cursory glance and an understanding seemed to pass between us and he carried on his way. My man promptly dipped two fingers at the entrance of my cunt to check for moistness. He must have thought it was enough because he stepped forward with his cock in his hand. I wanted to tell him to stop and tease my clit and my skin and draw the moment. I wanted to step back to admire him and take his cock in my mouth and feel the weight of his balls in my little hands. I wanted him to be rougher and dominate me completely if he was going to do it this way. But I only managed to ask him to put on a condom and pulled one out of my wallet. He was cross by this demand but still complied. He pushed me back against the barrel with renewed force, grabbed my waist with one hand and pushed the head of his cock against my cunt. I didn’t want to take it anymore but it was too late to back out so I guided his cock and he pushed it inside in one hurried stroke. Both his hands were mashing my waist as he started pounding into me. I was resting on the rough surface of the barrel trying not to scratch my arms too badly. He tried to pick up the pace but he kept slipping out of my hole and having to fumble to get his cock back in. He flicked his fingers across my nipples and pushed me to the side, telling me to lean down on a pile of concrete bricks so my ass would be high in the air. I heard him throw something away, and he promptly resumed fucking me with no restraint. He grabbed the back of my neck with one hand and my hip with the other and rammed his cock into me. I yelped and pushed back towards him to deepen the penetration even further. This time his cock was aligned with my cunt so he could fuck me as fast as he pleased. I started enjoying myself, forgetting about the absurdity of the situation in this dingy car park, and only feeling the delicious friction inside my cunt. I started to feel the familiar warmth and tightness that leads to an orgasm but he already gave three more quick strokes and pulled out. He handed me a paper towel to wipe myself and I realized he had taken the condom out and cum inside me. I was fuming, but I was alone in the dark with a stranger and I did not want to aggravate him so I kept my mouth shut and decided to take the morning-after pill as soon as I could. I took off my wet panties and stuffed them in my handbag. We readjusted our clothing in silence and started walking back towards the festival entrance. He tried to slow down so we could exchange phone numbers. He said he would give me good hard sex everyday but I refused to give him a way of contacting me. He held my wrist and tried to pull me back to him saying that I was his girlfriend now. The entrance of the festival was close now and he was still insisting that I give him my number. Then I spotted Marcus coming out and I called him over and said I would be going home. Marcus agreed to come with me so my man had to release me without any possibility of seeing me again.

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