Sex With A Sexy Student Fucked After Coming From School

Sex With A Sexy Student Fucked After Coming From School

The drone of the engines was almost hypnotizing. The itinerary said it would be around twelve hours before I arrived in Germany. In all the years I’ve traveled, this was the first time I had flown in anything but economy. The benefits of first class were obvious, especially the extra leg room. Except for the occasional bump in turbulence, the overstuffed, comfy chair gave me the feel of sitting in my recliner at home.The stewardess politely asked, “Would you like a refill of your wine, Mrs. Sheffield?” That was another perk, to be called by name.“Yes, thank you, Lynn,” I replied, looking at her name tag. I flashed her an appreciative smile.Neither movie choice seemed interesting. If Kevin was here, he'd be snoring already. Not me, I always have trouble sleeping on a flight. I cursed the fact I didn't bring a book to read, so I slipped off my heels, tipped back, and stretched out my legs. I looked out the window briefly as the puffy white clouds went by with an occasional glimpse of earth.The magazines provided were mostly technical stuff about the aircraft and a pamphlet about what to do in case of an emergency landing in water. I figured if it ever got to that point, I'd have already died of fear alone. Without anything constructive to do, my thoughts drifted back to the chain of bizarre events that led me to be on this trip.I remembered this all started when I informed my husband that I planned to seek part-time employment because the kids were in school and I wanted to feel productive. This did not sit well with Kevin. He told me we didn't need the money since he was promoted to Junior Partner. Then he commenced to give me a rehearsed lecture about how it is frowned on by the corporation for executives' wives to seek outside employment.He reminded me that we were financially secure, and told me that if I needed more money he could increase my allowance. My allowance? I was furious, and that led to a very rare fight in the Sheffield home. I don't get angry often, but when I do, Kevin knows not to fan the flames. At thirty-three, the whole concept that I was receiving an allowance was not acceptable to me in any fashion. That's like saying the money he earned belongs to him alone and not to us. It was a mutual decision that I stay home and raise our children. For Christ’s sake, I was educated at one of the most prestigious colleges in the country. His one statement revealed his lack of respect for what I do. After all, he's the one that wanted to have children right away.Kevin had realized what he said too late and tried in vain to explain that it was not him, just company policy. I made him sleep in the guest room after our fight. Actually, that made little difference as he hadn’t touched me in weeks anyway.I remember thinking Kevin might be having an affair, but I found my rival to be a much more formidable adversary than another woman. His affair was with Peterson & Associates. They owned him, body, mind, and soul. His lust was not for the carnal desires of the flesh but for something much more consuming. What he wanted most in life was power, wealth, and influence. Everything else was a distraction from that goal.This revelation only steeled my resolve to find outside work, and I began the task of sending out my resume to every potential employer I could think of. Weeks passed and all I received were rejection replies, saying, “Thank you for your interest. We are not hiring at the present time but we will keep your information on file.”I had given up all hope in finding employment when one morning Karen Bloomberg called and asked me to lunch for no apparent reason. She was one of the senior partner's wives.Karen was a tall, sophisticated woman with an aura of confidence about her, and she was always dressed in the latest designs. Karen was the kind of woman that commanded attention, so saying no to her was not an option. I agreed to her offer, and the next day we met at this little uptown bistro. I wasn't quite sure why she asked me, but I had my suspicions.I picked one of the most trendy outfits I owned, because I knew she would. I arrived fashionably five minutes late, and just as I figured, she was dressed to kill. We exchanged pleasantries, chatting about our children and such. During lunch, I took the opportunity to share my situation about my quest for employment and what Kevin told me.Karen bluntly told me Kevin was correct. The company made all the partners sign no-compete agreements that included spousal employment. She went on to say many other partners' wives experienced the same frustrating rejections I received when they applied for work. It was now apparent the tentacles of the corporation were further reaching than I had ever considered. They blocked all attempts at outside employment.Karen was sympathetic to my plight but I felt angry, invaded, and powerless. How could the corporation exercise that level of control over my personal life? I didn’t choose to be a ‘Stepford Wife’ as my field of endeavor.My frustration became obvious but Karen offered me a solution. She explained that she started her own business with a few other partners' wives as employees.My curiosity was piqued, and I asked, “What kind of business is this?”She explained, “My business is one that benefits the corporation, but for legal reasons must remain a completely separate enterprise. Plus, it escapes the employment mandate all the partners signed.”“Tell me more,” I replied.She explained, “The competition for new clients is fierce in this city. My business enhances the corporation's chances of signing those undecided new accounts.”“How so?” I asked.She explained, “The function of my business is simply to provide the prospective clients with a guide of sorts while they are in town. Most are men traveling alone, who would appreciate some companionship during their stay. The fact that those companions are partners' wives shows how serious the corporation is in servicing their needs.”Karen added, “This idea was born five years ago when my husband was struggling to sign new prospects. Mark was dead set against this but I can be very convincing. He reluctantly agreed. To make this short, six months later he rocketed to top salesman and was eventually promoted to senior partner.”I must have looked shocked when I told her, “This sounds like you're a corporate escort or call girl. I will not be a hooker or do anything illegal.”Karen quickly responded, saying, “I prefer the term ‘courtesan’ and there are clear boundaries for wives and clients that cannot be crossed. You will not be asked to do anything you are not comfortable with.”“Just what are those boundaries?”“First, there is no money exchanged, you are on salary. The rest of the boundaries are up to you and your client. We are all consenting adults. I can pretty much guarantee that you’ll have the time of your life.” I raised an eyebrow and said, “What exactly is expected of me? This is crazy. Kevin would never permit me to do such a thing.”“Excuse me,” Lynn said, as she gently touched my shoulder, jolting me back to reality. “I didn't mean to disturb you, Mrs. Sheffield. We are having filet of beef tonight. How would you like your steak cooked?” “I don't eat meat. A salad will be fine with me.”“And to drink?”“Just keep my wine glass full,” I answered, holding up my half-empty, plastic, long stemmed wine glass.After I ate my dinner, which was a bit better than regular airline fare, I reclined back and quickly resumed my thoughts of how convincing  Karen was.She pointed out her new Jag she bought with her own money. She suggested I give it a try and if I didn't like it, I could just walk away. Against my better judgement, I gave Kevin a call and explained to him the proposal. I was flabbergasted when he told me he thought this was a good idea and it might help increase his sales. He didn't seem concerned at all that his wife would essentially be dating other men.After I finished my call, Karen grinned and pushed the application toward me—an application she just happened to have with her. I stared at her, and stared at the papers. Then I picked up the pen and filled it out. After gathering up her things, she said she'd contact me, then added I was going to have fun—a lot of fun.I was shocked that Kevin did not try to talk me out of it, but gave his full endorsement. Several days passed and I heard nothing. I started to think this a sham to trick me into not applying for work elsewhere. Then, Karen called and informed me she had my first client and Kevin would inform me of the details.When I got home from shopping the next day, I noticed a Mercedes parked in our driveway. When I entered the house carrying groceries, Kevin Introduced me to one of the most drop-dead gorgeous men I ever laid my eyes on and explained his name was Kurt Krause. Kevin said he was from Germany and was a prospective client. Kurt immediately came over and took my bag and carried it into the kitchen. It's been a very long time since Kevin would even consider such a gentlemanly thing. All I can really remember was how embarrassed I was wearing my bum-around shorts and old t-shirt. My hair was an absolute disaster. After I excused myself, I rushed into the bedroom to change into my cutest sun dress. I quickly hot-curled my hair and put on some makeup. When I came back to them, it was to a chorus of compliments. My ever-glib husband wolf-whistled me, causing me to blush. He can be such an ass sometimes.Kevin informed me that Kurt was a manufacturer from Germany, and he was thinking about opening a branch in the states. He was considering having us do his advertising. Kurt would be here two more days to get a feel of the San Diego area and Kevin asked if I would be his tour guide. I looked at Kurt. He was smiling and looking at me with those piercing, steel blue eyes. I stammered out something, agreeing to do it. Kurt spoke perfect English, which was a blessing to me because I don't speak a lick of German. I complimented his English and he explained he got his MBA at Stanford. I did notice he couldn't keep his eyes off me. It was decided we would go to the zoo. I mentioned that I was surprised he'd pick such a tourist trap as the zoo since he was dressed in a tailored business suit. Kevin suggested he loan him some of his clothes, which Kurt graciously accepted.What happened next started a chain of events that no one could possibly have foreseen. We were walking around the zoo and the crowds were thick. I ran into the back of someone because I was not watching where I was going. Kurt took my hand and steered us through the mass of humanity. His hand was large and strong, but smooth and manicured. He continued to hold my hand after we were clear. He sensed my nervousness and chuckled that holding hands was a European thing. I didn’t know if that was true, but it was convincing.We walked and talked, getting to know each other. I remember how this was feeling more and more like a date. Kurt said something about almost every exhibit we came to, showing me his knowledge of the animal kingdom. When we came upon the elephants, I got excited like I was ten years old again. I ran toward the elephants, ignoring the warning signs about getting too close. One big bull at the water trough rose on his hide legs, like in the circus. I was delighted. Then… he aimed his truck directly at me and sprayed, soaking me completely from head to toe.I was mortified, and looked like a drowned cat. After the laughter died down, I stood there close to being in tears. Kurt put his arm around me and assured everything would be alright. He suggested we go to his hotel close by and explained that he would have my clothes express cleaned while I showered or bathed. I agreed because I didn't want to go home looking like a fool on my first assignment. We left the park, but not until Kurt stopped and bought a souvenir towel for me to dry my face.I didn't realize it at the time, but with my sheer bra and lightweight cotton dress soaked, I looked like a girl in a wet t-shirt contest. It wasn't until the drive back I noticed my dress clung to me like a second skin and my nipples were poking out of the wet material like pebbles.He was aware of my embarrassment and said lightheartedly that it was a good look on me.Since I met Kurt, the sexual tension between us was undeniable. He wasn't just gorgeous to look at, but was very smooth in his gentlemanly mannerisms. The way he'd touch my elbow and softly run his fingertips down my arm when we talked caused me goosebumps. It wasn't overt, but it was clear what was on his mind. I tried my hardest to maintain control.This was the very thing I worried about when Karen proposed I do this job. The thought of what she said about consenting adults kept running through my mind. I'm a married woman. I chastised myself for letting myself be so attracted to him.We entered his penthouse suite. It was huge, as large as an apartment. Kurt pointed out the restroom and bath. Yesterday, I would never have dreamt of being in a strange man's bedroom, and certainly, not with a hunk like him.I went into his bath and stripped completely. After putting on the terry cloth robe, I brought out all my clothing, including bra and panties. Kurt said to take my time and soak while express cleaning would process my clothes. So, there I was, naked in a strange man’s hotel room with my husband’s approval. I was soaking in the tub and contemplating what would happen next when Kurt tapped on the door saying he was leaving and would be back in less than an hour.After I cleaned up, I wrapped myself in a towel and entered the bedroom with the intention of peeking at his things. I knew it was wrong, but my curiosity was more than I could take. First, I looked at his passport. He was single, thirty-six years old, seventy-four inches in height, and weighed 205 pounds. Looking through his luggage, I discovered impeccable clothing. He had custom made suits, silk shirts, and expensive watches. What stood out to me the most was that he had two ribbons of XL Magnum condoms… Then, I heard the keycard in the door and I hurried to close up his luggage. I rushed back into the bath. I looked back and was mortified to see one of the condoms hanging out the edge of his suitcase.I found out that Kurt had gone to the hotel boutique for an hour. He bought me a formal gown and accessories that included undergarments, nylons, and heels. I was a bit shocked and asked why. He didn't ask my permission but said he was taking me to dinner and dancing. I panicked and replied I had to call Kevin. Kurt said he already did and I have permission to stay out late if I like… even all night. He grinned.I was hesitant to go, but he convinced me to try on the dress. I don't think I had ever worn a dress a man purchased for me before. Looking in the mirror, the choice was flattering to my figure and the fabric felt exquisite on my skin. I fixed the last of my makeup and when I left the bathroom, he motioned for me to spin.“You look amazing. Shall we go?” I took his arm and we left the hotel room.This now really was a date, and I felt a bit naughty. Kurt was utterly charming. He drove us to a swank restaurant and bar. I felt like Cinderella on the arm of Prince Charming. There was a private table reserved just for us. We talked and laughed like we had known each other for years. I was totally caught in the moment and melting to his charm. The gown he bought me had a slit up the side to my upper thigh and the top was cut to show side boob. I hadn't felt this sexy in a very long time. I knew he was seducing me, but I gave little resistance. It was a very long time since anyone romanced me like this.Suddenly, I felt his hand on my thigh. I froze, and let out a slight gasp. He smiled and proceeded to slip his fingers under the hem and was close to touching the edge of my thong. I put my hand on his and pulled it away, saying I'm married, what would my husband say? I'll never forget his reply. Kurt asked, “Do you really want to know?” He pulled out his phone and laid it on the table. I stared at him and pushed the phone away, saying, “No, I don't want to know.”The evening continued. We had drinks and dinner, drinks and conversation, drinks and dancing. Needless to say, I wasn’t feeling any pain. Of course, he was an incredible dancer. When I complimented him on his dance skills, he said to blame his mother. Kurt explained that he wanted to play football but his mom made him take dance lessons. I joked and said his mom was a wise woman, and added that over the years, he's probably scored more through dancing than he ever would have playing football. He laughed and agreed. Kurt grinned and asked, “How am I doing?” I lightly punched his shoulder, saying, "You're impossible."The night went on and I lost all track of time. I was intoxicated by both the wine and the man. My mind was fuzzy about what happened next. I vaguely remember going back to his room and him kissing me, or… me kissing him? I wasn't sure. I do recall me pulling his shirt open and staring at his rippling abs. The next thing I remembered was waking up in his bed, naked under a sheet.Kurt and his luggage were gone. There was a large Manila business envelope on the table with a note explaining he had to catch an early flight. He instructed me to give the signed contract to Kevin. He went on to explain I passed out and he put me to bed. At the bottom of the note, it said, PS. Nothing happened! He added a little sad face emoji.When I returned home in a cab at 11am, Kevin did not even ask why I was out all night. He was focused only on the contract. I waited for him to say something, but it was like I was invisible to him. Frustrated and disappointed, I went in the bedroom to change. A couple minutes later, he came storming in waving the contract at me. He said there was a stipulation in the contract. He asked if I knew about it. I assured him I had no clue to what he was talking about.Kevin tossed the contract on the bed and I saw an addendum that was hand written. It basically stated their contract was only valid if I agreed to being his personal secretary for two weeks in Germany. There was a first-class plane ticket included.I was still shocked that my husband would want me to go on this trip knowing the possible implications. I recalled the morning I came back after spending the night with Kurt. Kevin didn't care enough to even ask what happened. It showed me how committed he was to the corporation and it was apparent he was willing to risk everything and anything to make full partner, including me.I didn't tell him that nothing happened except a kiss and a few caresses, because he didn't even bother to ask. I didn't know if I was to be angry or grateful because this was revealing where I stood in our marriage. His actions showed me that from now on, I'm my own person, free to make my own choices… regardless of my marital status.I recalled later that night, Kevin was unusually frisky and made love to me twice. I don't think he was that amorous on our honeymoon.I asked, “What has gotten into you?”He lifted his head from between my legs and replied, “What do you mean?”“Well, you haven't touched me in weeks and suddenly you're Don Juan in overdrive.”“I don't really know. I just found you to be extremely sexy, in ways I haven't noticed for a long time. Do you know how beautiful you are?”"Yeah, I've been told that recently by someone. Let me ask you something?”“Sure, fire away.”“Does the fact I spent the night with your client have any bearing in your resurgence of these sexual aerobics?”“Don't be ridiculous. Of course not. I just find you irresistible.”“So, you don't find me spending the night entertaining one of your clients a turn on? Not even a little?” I asked, grabbing his hair and pulling him back to his task of licking my pussy.“Well… Maybe a little,” he mumbled, in a muffled voice.-oOo-So, here I am on my way to serve as Kurt’s personal secretary for two weeks. I wasn't sure of what that entailed, but I had a good idea it wasn't going to include a lot of typing. My last memory of Kurt was of me stripping his shirt off and seeing his hard chest muscles. It was a toss-up thinking who was more handsome, Kevin or Kurt.“Excuse me, Mrs. Sheffield. Would you like some more to drink? Your dinner is about ready."“Oh, yes, please… Can I ask you something?”“Certainly.”“This is my first trip to Germany and I don't speak a lick of German. Is there a book I can use to translate?”She smiled and replied, “I will get you one, compliments of Lufthansa Airlines.” After I ate, I looked though the English/German translation book, but quickly gave up. I took two years of French and that didn't stick. Language was never my forte. Kurt planned everything in detail, so I imagined he'd make sure I had a translator. In fact, he instructed for me to pack just the essentials in a small overnight bag, everything else would be provided. It felt strange taking just one small carry-on for a two-week trip. I thought about the kids and how I'd miss them, but I knew they loved staying with their grandparents.I heard a ding and felt a hand shaking my shoulder, waking me from my slumber. Lynn said, “We are approaching Frankfurt. You will need to return your seat to the upright position and gather your belongings.”-oOo-I was quickly off the plane, being in first class. I used the closest available restroom to straighten myself up and fix my makeup. This was my first time setting foot in foreign land. I was amazed to see how many signs there were in English. Since I only had my small carry on, I bypassed baggage claim and took the escalator down to ground level.There were several different men dressed in black coats and short brimmed chauffeur hats with signs. I looked around and saw one holding a sign reading Sheffield. I was somewhat disappointed that Kurt didn't pick me up himself.I approached the older man with the wrinkled face and said, “That’s me!”He smiled and replied, “Willkommen in Deutschland, Frau Sheffield.”I stared at him dumfounded. He laughed and said, “That means, welcome to Germany, Mrs. Sheffield.”“Well, thank you very much.”He said, “Bitte schön. That means you are welcome… Should we go?”After putting my carry on in the trunk of the limo, he opened the passenger door and I said, “I would prefer to sit up front with you. Is that all right?”“Certainly. Whatever you wish, Frau Sheffield.”It was a little difficult weaving our way out of the airport, but soon we were on the open highway. I said, “Pardon my rudeness, but I didn't even ask your name."“Call me Hans.”“Glad to meet you, Hans.” I shook his hand.We chatted while he drove through the country side. Hans was explaining some of the traditions to expect during my stay. He went on to reveal that he and his family worked for the Krause family for over fifty years and that he started when Kurt's dad was but a boy. The Krause family made a fortune after the war recycling building parts from bombed out buildings for the post war reconstruction. That expanded into plumbing supplies and eventually manufacturing custom faucets and shower parts. They are now one of the most trusted names in hardware.“Where are we going?”“We are going to a town called Bad Kreuznach. It is a small town with much to see.”“I'm excited. I hope I'll have time to explore.”“I'm sure Meister Krause will give you some time for that after you comply to his schedule.”I was thinking there must be something missing in the translation. I knew Meister meant Master but he couldn't be serious about me “complying” to anything. I don't comply.We wove through towns that were a cross between the old world and new. There were beautiful, quaint buildings and picturesque bridges spanning over lazy rivers lined by terraced vineyards. Every direction I turned looked like a post card.“We are almost there. The turn is just ahead,” Hans announced.He stopped in front of a large, iron double gate and pushed his remote. Slowly, it opened, revealing a long, cobble stone drive lined with ancient chestnut trees. Fog surrealistically shrouded the mansion but seemed to clear as we approached. There was a series of steps leading up to the grand entrance doors that must have been ten feet high. “Oh, my! This is magnificent.” It was such a stunning view it took my breath away. An older woman, rather overweight, wearing a blue patterned dress with white apron opened my door.“Willkommen im Schloss Krause,” she said with a polite smile.“She says welcome to Castle Krause. I'll tell her to speak English only.“Bitte sprechen Sie Englisch,” Hans instructed.“Please come with me, Frau Sheffield. My name is Helga. I will instruct the staff to speak only English.” She walked up the long flight of stairs and I followed. I was wondering where Kurt was. It would have been nice had he been here to greet me. Entering the foyer, the interior was even more impressive than the exterior. There were two circular staircases, crystal chandeliers, and elaborate woodwork throughout. Portraits hung on the walls I could only assume were of the family."This is your room,” Helga said, as she opened the milled door and I stepped into a world of luxury. This was so much more than a bedroom. First of all, the bed was a massive, king-size four poster, that was high off the floor. The head board had sexual scenes hand carved in it. I thought It would be like sleeping under the Kama Sutra. The windows were shuttered except the center one that was stained glass, depicting what appeared to be hunting scenes.Helga walked over to the far wall that had three large wardrobes. She opened the first and it displayed high end formal-wear, each hanger tagged. The drawers below contained bras and undergarments of basic styles, but I guarantee they were nothing mom would wear.“These were handpicked by Meister Krause. They are marked by the day of the week. This you wear to dinner,” she instructed. It was said more like a command, not a suggestion.She opened the next wardrobe and it was filled with daywear. I noticed there were not any pants sets. They were all casual dresses and light weight wraps. The drawers below were also filled with undergarments to match the daily outfit. I was overwhelmed by the time it must have taken to select and organize this.“This is your day-wear. You must wear this in the morning unless instructed otherwise.”I was taken aback by her blatant mannerisms, plus I was not very amenable to being told what to do by a perfect stranger. I was still puzzled as to why Kurt hadn't greeted me yet. Helga opened the third wardrobe and it took my breath away. It was filled with sexy lingerie that would make a Victoria Secrets model blush. I gasped.“This is of course your sleep wear, also hand selected by Meister Krause, she said with a grin.I was
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a girl who wore a t-shirt to bed each night. I didn't even wear anything that sexy on my honeymoon. My mind started to race as to what Kurt had in mind these next two weeks. I felt myself shake. “What have I got myself into?”"Dinner is at sechs Uhr… six o'clock. That gives you time to bathe and change… Don't be late.”“Thank you. I'll try to be there,” I replied. She left and closed the door. I went to lock it but there was no lock. I thought about propping a chair under the door knob but decided against it because it showed I was not trusting.I stripped down and threw my clothes on the bed. The bathroom was enormous. The tub was fashioned to look like an old-fashioned cast iron, but it had jets. I ran the water and looked at myself in the mirror. I needed to freshen my makeup. It struck me that except for my lipstick, I didn't bring any makeup at all. Opening the vanity drawers, I found a full complement of it. “Of course, what else?” They even had my brand-name. I slipped into the hot water. It was soothing on my tired muscles. I lay back and thought about Kurt. Why this elaborate production of bringing me here and not even bothering to show himself?When I left on this trip with Kevin's blessing, we both knew where this might lead. Oh, I could fool myself and believe I was in control and say no at any time… but I knew I was powerless around this man. What was more important, was that Kurt knew it too. I understood that just being here was wrong on many levels. I have been faithful all my marriage without a single hiccup of infidelity. In the past, I rebuffed every temptation with ease, and there were many offers. I tweaked my nipples as I thought of my handsome host. I needed relief as I slipped a finger between my folds. My mind raced back to when I saw those Magnum XL condoms in his suitcase.-oOo-When I re-entered the bedroom, I immediately saw my clothes were gone. “Damnit, this is going too far! Was there no privacy here?” Since I brought no extra clothing with me, I was forced to  wear what was selected. I found the Sunday selections in the lingerie drawer. There were nylons, a garter belt; black, sheer Demi-bra; and a thong so thin that it looked like it would barely cover my mound. I suddenly was grateful for that bikini wax I had before leaving. Putting on these undergarments purchased by someone else felt… sexy, but it also felt inappropriate, as I was a married woman.I tried the gown. It was a signature Oscar de la Renta, and fit perfectly. I looked at myself in the mirror. It was like looking at a stranger. It barely contained my cleavage because the cut was so radical. I thought I looked like a high class call girl.However, I wasn’t ready to wear this in public. I picked through the wardrobe for something else more conservative to wear and I found a cute little sundress. I opted for this more casual style and was pleased how I appeared. This was much more comfortable.There was a tap at the door and I recognized Helga’s voice. “Dinner in five minutes.”I checked myself one more time before I left my room. This mansion was amazing. Every inch of this place looked like it was well planned and decorated. There were very few painted surfaces because the walls were wood paneled in red mahogany. There was a wonderful blend of old world craftsmanship with new world technology. The lighting appeared to be LED, and that alone removed the stereotype of a dark, old mansion.I wasn't sure where to go and one of the servants saw my confusion. He said, “Follow me, Frau Sheffield.”The dining room was right out of the movies, right down to the long dining table and silver candelabras. There was a very attractive blonde sitting at the table. She was dressed in a gown similar to the one I decided not to wear. The seating arrangement seemed odd. This was a table that could seat thirty, and yet there were only two of us seated in the middle of the table across from one another, with one more setting at the head of the table. I introduced myself and she said nothing in reply. I thought maybe she didn’t speak English. Kurt entered from the far side of the room. He was dressed in a tuxedo. He looked extremely debonair. “Kurt!” I exclaimed, and rushed toward him. He put his hand out and stopped me, and said, “Follow me.” He walked out on the veranda and I followed. He said nothing at first, like he was trying to gather his thoughts. “This will seem pretty strange to you, but there is an image I have in this home that must be maintained.” I looked puzzled and he continued. “First, in public you must address me as ‘Sir’ or ‘Master’ Krause. We have rules that must be followed strictly.”“I don't understand…”“You are still in training. You don't need to understand. You just need to follow directions. If that is not acceptable, then you can return to California and tell your husband the deal is off.”I stared at him in confusion and replied, “You know I can’t do that.”“Then it’s simple. Just do what you're told without question, starting by going back to your room and changing into the clothes I selected.”“Okay, but I don't like this.”“What did I say?”I hesitated and said, “Yes… Sir.”-oOo-After I changed, I went back down to dinner. This dress was probably the sexiest thing I've ever worn in my life. Kurt stood as I entered the dining room and said, “Sehr gut. Du siehst hübsch aus… That means you look very nice.”“Thank you.” Kurt coughed. “I mean, thank you, Master Krause.”“Let me introduce you. Eva, this is Jennifer. Eva, you may refer to her as Frau Sheffield.”“Yes, Master,” Eva replied.This was getting very confusing. Kurt was acting completely differently from the man I first met in our home a few weeks ago. In fact, he was 180 degrees different. I remembered him as a gentle, caring man of humility. How could I be so wrong?“I took the liberty of ordering for you while you were changing, Jennifer. You are having Beef Bourguignon with Parmesan Asparagus and Caesar Salad.”I was about to tell him I don't eat meat but I decided not to and simply replied, “Thank you… Sir.” He smiled."Eva, tell Frau Sheffield what you are doing here.”“Yes, Master.” She looked at me and said, “I am in training, Frau Sheffield.”“Training? Training for what?” I asked.Eva looked at Kurt and he nodded. She answered, “Life training. Wife training, Frau Sheffield.”A million things started going through my mind. Kurt had told me I was in training. What could that mean? How much of this does Kevin know? I knew the whole corporation was counting on this contract and I needed to stick this out for two weeks.The meal was quite good. I just ate around the meat. Dessert was a fabulous German Strudel. I normally don't eat sweets, but this was too special to resist. Conversation was polite and I learned Eva was also a client's wife from Australia. She had been here a week. I still had no clue to the nature of this visit nor what was to be expected of me. After dinner, Kurt asked Eva to go to her room and change for her training.Eva stood and replied, "Yes, master.” She was stunning. Her figure seemed right out of GQ magazine. I felt a twinge of jealousy but didn’t say anything.“Come, Jennifer. Would you like to see the grounds at night? It's quite spectacular.”“I would love to… I mean, yes, master.”Kurt motioned to the maid and said, “Würden Sie bitte die Dame wickeln?”I looked at him, puzzled, and he said, “I asked her to get your wrap. It gets a bit chilly in the evening.” The maid returned with a beautiful shawl that matched the gown.“Thank you… Master Krause.” I chuckled under my breath at the absurdity of it all.Kurt took my hand and led me out the front door. He was acting more like the man I met in California. We walked for a few minutes in silence before Kurt said, “Jennifer, this must seem strange to you, but all this formality has a purpose.”“Kurt… I hope you're not offended by me calling you by your name. All this seems a bit surreal to me.”“Of course. I don't mind, but in public the formality is absolutely necessary. You must have a million questions.”“Actually, about a million and a half questions.”“Ask away. I'll try to be as honest as possible.”We stopped at the lighted fountain and Kurt took his handkerchief out and wiped the bench seat so we could sit. The view overlooking the river was spectacular. Little sparkles of fireflies flittered about. Kurt sat next to me and put his arm around my shoulders. This man was like a drug to me. I was intoxicated by his mere presence.“As much as I fought it, I thought we had a connection in California. I resisted because I am a married woman. It was confusing when Kevin made no attempt to stop me from going on this trip. When you kissed me, and undressed me in your hotel room, I was prepared to break my vows and I still can't explain why.”“Whoa, back up a minute. You've got all that wrong. It was you that kissed me and it was you that ripped my shirt off and undressed yourself. I don't force myself on anyone.”“Oh, my god! Is that true? Did I really throw myself at you? I can't remember.”He put his hands on my cheeks and turned my face towards him. I considered his steel blue eyes. He said, “You were drunk. I don't take advantage of drunken women. It's not my style.”“Well, I'm not drunk now,” I replied softly, and tilted my lips to his.Kurt pulled away and said, “Not yet, Mein schöner Liebhaber. In due time.”He pulled me to my feet, took my hand in his, and we resumed our walk. My curiosity got the better of me and I asked, trying my hardest not to sound jealous, “Who is this Eva?”“Eva is a client’s wife.”“She said she was in training. Is this business training?” It was puzzling to me why a man would send his wife to be trained by another man unless it was for business.“There is no delicate way to answer that. Are you sure you really want to know?”We walked a bit further as I thought about his reply. I caught my heel in the rough stone walkway. Kurt held me steady with his powerful hands. I briefly thought of Kevin and how he made no attempt to talk me out of going on this trip.I looked up at Kurt and said, “Yes! I really want to know.”“Do you know what a ‘Dom’ is?”“I've heard the term, but no, I don't.”“A ‘Dom’ is a Dominant. Either man or woman. I am a Dom.”“How does that relate to Eva?”"Like I said, Eva is here on behalf of her husband. She is a submissive in training.”My mouth fell open in disbelief of what I was hearing and I said, “You said I was here for training. Is this what you mean for me? To make me a submissive?”“I have already told you, I don't force anything on anyone.”“In that case, I'm leaving immediately.”“I'll have my driver take you to the airport. Tell Kevin I’m sorry things didn’t work out.”"But… you said you don't force anyone.”“I'm not forcing you. The contract says two weeks. This is your first day. Thirteen more days to go.”“You know Kevin needs that contract.”“Then I suggest you give it a few days before you make a final decision. If you like, you can observe her training sessions. They begin at eight sharp, in the room at the end of the hall. Just wear your designated nightwear and nothing else. Tap on the door before you enter.”“That will never happen,” I said forthrightly, and started walking toward the house as fast as my heels would allow.“Remember, eight o'clock sharp,” he called out.I rushed in the house ignoring the doorman and ran up the stairs. When I opened my room door I saw nightwear laid out on the bed. There was a black gown along with a black corset, nylons, and a sheer thong more revealing than the one I wore on my honeymoon. Holding up the gown, I thought, “These were definitely not J.C. Penny’s.”This was all so confusing to me. I came here admittedly realizing my vows were at least in jeopardy with this charismatic man, but this was something I wasn't prepared for. As I sat on the edge of the bed, I took my cell out to call Kevin but there was no signal. I felt trapped.I stared at the nightwear for a few minutes that seemed more like an hour. I knew if I did what Kurt asked of me, that any hope of returning to my husband a faithful wife was nearly impossible. Then, a chilling thought presented itself. Kurt had said that Eva was here for training at her husband's request. How much did Kevin know? Why did he not stop me from going on this trip?-oOo-The hall clock chimed as I nervously looked in the mirror. This outfit concealed almost nothing. My areoles and nipples were clearly visible through the gown. The thong was so thin it appeared almost invisible. I stood at my door mustering up the courage to venture out of the room. I peeked out fIrst and scurried off down the hall until I approached the door. I hesitated before I tapped lightly. There was a pause. I was filled with so many emotions. Having no idea what to expect, I felt fear, excitement, and overwhelming curiosity. The door opened a crack.“You are late! I said not to be late. You must understand that there are consequences from now on. Do you understand?”This did not seem like a game any longer. I replied, “Yes… Sir.”Kurt opened the door and ushered me in. He immediately locked the door behind me. There was so much to take in. I gasped at the scene before me. Kurt was bare chested and wore form fitting pants. His body was what I would imagine only a god would have, not a mere mortal. His muscular chest rippled with his every movement and his large package was well defined in his tight black leather trousers.Looking around, I saw Eva handcuffed to a wooden rack in the shape of an X. She was standing quietly in the corner facing me, completely nude except for a blindfold and what looked like a collar. Eva’s long blond hair partly concealed her large breasts. I could see her shiver in either fear or anticipation.The room was huge, with a rough stone fireplace in the far corner and filled with various pieces of unrecognizable equipment. The walls were littered with what I could only describe as medieval instruments of torture.“Sit in that chair and say or do nothing,” Kurt instructed sternly, pointing at a high-back leather chair. I followed his instructions.Kurt was looking through an assortment of whips and leather riding crops, occasionally popping one in the air. He didn't really hit Eva but she would gasp at the sound of the ominous crack of the leather whip.I was struggling to wrap my mind around this whole scenario. I thought how surreal this all was. Here I was sitting in what appeared to be a dungeon, observing what seemed to be the torture of a girl I just met. Yet, I felt a strangely erotic charge watching this scene unfold in front of me. I knew the thin, sheer thong couldn't contain my juices long.Kurt seemed to favor what looked to be a riding crop. It had a rounded woven grip with a folded  leather strip at the end. He dragged it over her arms, firm breasts, and erect nipples. She took deep breaths when he moved it over her most sensitive areas. He paused before he ran the nub of the handle down her hard, flat belly and between the folds of her sex. Eva moaned and trembled when Kurt used his free hand to pinch her nipple and pull her breast away from her chest. Then he put the nub of the crop to her mouth, having her taste her own juices.“Does pain excite you?” he asked.“Yes, master,” she gasped.He suddenly whipped the riding crop across one breast and then the other. It sounded like a sharp crack. I jumped in my chair and Eva moaned in pain. I could not believe what I was witnessing. Kurt was a monster. He repeated it, alternating sides and she cried out.“Ahhhh… please… harder!” she begged."What did you say?” Kurt said sternly.“Harder… master!”I almost fell out of the chair. I couldn't believe my ears. She was begging him to strike her. All I could think of was how disgusting this was. Kurt whipped her thighs and even her bare labia. I couldn't understand why my libido was being so highly charged by this scene. My own body was betraying me. It was electrifying. I reached up to squeeze my own hard nipples.Kurt turned and said, “You don't have permission to touch yourself. I told you to sit still. You need to follow instructions. Go back to your room. It is clear you are not ready for this room.”I started to argue but I thought how silly it was for me to ask to stay and watch this abuse. I got up and turned to leave. Just as I started to walk away, I noticed the wet spot on the chair cushion where I had been sitting. I was angry at myself for being aroused. As I walked to the door, I could hear the crack of the whip and Eva's yelp. Once in the hall with the door shut there was total silence. I realized the room must be soundproofed.When I returned to my room, I stripped off my nightgown and panties and crawled between the silk sheets. I was still numb by what I witnessed, but I was also excited beyond belief. I thought how I missed my vibrator. Then a thought came over me. Kurt has provided everything else. I pulled open the night stand and I couldn't believe my eyes. There was an assortment of sex toys—not just any toys, but exact replicas of mine at home, complete with my favorite lube.A chilling thought came over me. It didn't take Sherlock Homes to figure this wasn't a random coincidence. First, an exact copy of my makeup, and now replicas of my sex-toys. Kevin had to be complicit in this sham. My husband betrayed me and sent me off for training. But what kind of training? I'm his wife, not his fucking dog. I was angry, and all I could think of was revenge. Well, maybe not all I could think about… I reached in the drawer for my large, ten-inch dildo and the lube.-oOo-I awoke after a night of erotic dreams. The vibrator was still in the bed where I left it. I remembered how I had fantasized about Kurt while plugging it into me over and over. I slipped out of bed and went to the shower.Standing under the hot water spray, I thought about how angry I was at Kevin for putting me in this position, for choosing business over me. I realized that no matter what I decided to do, it was him that violated our marriage vows. I thought about how to punish him. I could just walk away and let the contract go void, but that would hurt a lot more people than Kevin. I could take the kids and divorce him, but that would tear our family apart, and despite his transgressions, I still loved him.“So, my husband wants me to have sex training? That means he’s given me permission to do anything I’d like. Basically, that means I have carte blanche to do whatever I desire.”When I left the shower, the bed was made and my clothes were laid out for the day. The assortment of clothes was much more to my liking. There was a short, denim tennis skirt with shorts. The sports v-neck sweater looked distinctly German with the cute decorative suspenders. The sweater-top form fitted my breasts in a way that made them look a cup bigger… not that I needed that. I tied my hair back in a ponytail and thought how cute I looked. The matching blue tennis shoes and short skirt made me feel like a teen again.Helga popped her head in the door announcing that breakfast was being served. I was hungry and eagerly headed down to the dining room. The smell of the fresh baked food was enticing but the view of the dining table filled with German pastries was jaw dropping and certainly not on my diet. Kurt was dressed for what appeared to be tennis and greeted me warmly with a lingering hug.“Good morning, Jennifer. Sleep well?”“Good morning. And yes, I slept quite well… Sir.”“Breakfast is a buffet this morning. Our chef will cook your eggs as you like.”“Thank you, Sir. Where is Eva?”“She will not be joining us today. Your husband informed me of your tennis prowess. I thought we might spend some time on the courts today. Kevin says you're a formidable player.”“I'm okay. He's exaggerating.”“Hmmm, let's see. Two time conference champion and quarter finalist at Ojai Open? That's impressive.”“You seem to do your homework, but that was a very long time ago.”“I just happen to have four lighted courts on the property. How about we hit a few?”“I was about to say I didn’t have my racquet, but by now I would be naïve to believe you don't have a Wilson graphite racquet with a four and three-eighths inch grip, strung with artificial gut at seventy pounds.”Kurt grinned and replied, “Of course, my dear. Plus your favorite wrist bands and grip powder.”-oOo-I noticed a complete change in his demeanor as we walked the pathway to the tennis courts. We both avoided saying anything about the previous night, but I couldn't stay quiet any longer.I blurted out, “What the hell was that last night?”He stopped and turned to me and replied, “I already told you. It was training.”“All I saw was you hurting that poor girl.”“I was not hurting her… I was pleasuring her. Tell me, how did it make you feel?”“It was shocking. I was in disbelief of what I was seeing.”“I didn't ask what you thought. I asked you what you felt. I tell you what, let's have a good work out and we will discuss this further a little later. Okay?” He took my hand like he did at the zoo and led me down the winding path.His property was expansive with rolling hills and immaculate landscaping. As we turned the corner, the courts appeared up ahead. They were more than casual home courts. There were two grandstand courts and two practice courts.“Oh, my!” I exclaimed."We host our local tournaments here. I hope you find it to your liking,” Kurt said, sincerely.When I walked onto the court, it was like coming home. All the thousands of hours of my life I spent playing tennis came flooding back. The clay surface was beautifully maintained. I stretched while Kurt popped open some cans of balls.I spun my racquet in my hand and Kurt hit me a warmup ball. I crushed it like a championship point. It just felt so good to stroke a tennis racquet again.“Easy, girl, this is just warmup,” Kurt said with a smile. With all that had been happening, I forgot how handsome he was."Sorry, it’s been awhile.”We rallied for about a half hour with every ball going more than twenty strokes. I was quite impressed by his play. He had good pace for a one handed player but fairly predictable, always hitting top spin. Plus, he was a lefty. I kill lefties as they constantly hit to my backhand. My backhand is my strength.Kurt came to the net and said, “Let's play best out of three.”“How about we just rally?” I answered, not wanting to embarrass him. Men's egos are fragile.“Play me and I will make it worth your while. If you win, I'll let you leave with the contract intact.”I stared at him in disbelief and said, “Are you serious? What do you get if you win?”“I'm dead serious. What do I get? Hmmm, what are you offering?”“Well, all I have to offer is me. I'll do whatever you want for the remainder of this two weeks.”“Deal! You serve first.”I wish I could say it was a tight match but I destroyed him, winning in straight sets. Just as I thought, he moped around like a little boy that lost his puppy. Men! They are so predictable.Kurt was quiet on the walk back. He stopped and asked, “I suppose you're going to want me to arrange your trip home?”“Why?”“Because I said you could leave if you won. You can take the contract and go.”“What if I want to stay? I have twelve days left. However, if I stay, I want it on my terms.”“And those are?” he asked."First of all, if you haven't noticed, I'm not a submissive, so drop the whole master routine. Whatever you do with Eva is your business. You attempt to whack me with a whip, I'll cut your nuts off.”"I believe you,” he chuckled.I continued, “I want my cell phone service restored. I wear what I want to wear when I want to, and I want a lock on my bedroom door. Last, I want to be addressed as Mistress Sheffield. Those are my conditions. Take ‘em or leave ‘em.”Kurt stared at me for the longest time. He looked like he was about to burst out laughing and replied, “Eva already left this morning. The conditions are all acceptable. Consider it done. So, to answer your question. Yes, I agree.”“Yes, you agree… what?”“Yes, I agree… Mistress Sheffield.” He smiled. “Mistress Sheffield, may I kiss you?”"I thought you'd never ask, Master Krause,” I answered, tilting my chin up.-oOo-We necked on the park bench like a couple of teens. His hands roamed over my body. I didn't expect to feel as I did. I had absolutely no guilt. Here I was, about to cross a line I couldn't take back and I felt no remorse. Kurt's hand was under my sweater, feeling my bra-clad breasts as his tongue wrestled with mine. I knew if I didn't stop, we'd have public sex.I broke away and said, “Kurt, I need to shower and change and make myself pretty.”“You couldn't look any prettier.”I stood up and pulled Kurt to his feet. “Let's do this right.”"Whatever you say, Mistress Sheffield.”He couldn't keep his hands off me on the walk back. “Behave yourself,” I told him, swatting his hands away. Back in the room, I stripped my sweaty outfit off, looked in the mirror and cupped my still faithful pussy. I realized that in a short time that was going to change. It occurred to me there was a way to still remain faithful. I could either stop now or do this with Kevin's permission.I picked up my cell phone and saw four bars. The signal was restored. I punched in Kevin's private number and nervously waited.“Hi, babe. How's the trip going?”"Great, but I don't have much time. I need to ask you something.”“Sure, ask away.”"I don't know how else to say this, but I am going to sleep with Kurt.”There was a long pause and finally Kevin replied, “Why are you telling me this?”“You must have known this was going to happen when you wanted me to date your client, didn't you?”Another pause and he said, “Didn't that already happen before you left?”“The night I spent with Kurt, with your permission?”“Yeah, that night.”“Nothing happened. You just thought it did and it excited you, didn't it?” Another long pause. “Answer me! It excited you, didn't it?”“Yes… it did.”“So, I'm asking, do I still have your permission?”“I think you have answered that for me, so yes.”“Thank you, and by the way, I miss you and the kids. I love you. I gotta go.”A short time later I was standing in the shower and it felt wonderful on my skin and muscles. As I soaped myself the enclosure door popped open and Kurt stepped in steamy mist. He pressed himself against my back and cupped my breasts while his penis slid between my cheeks and thighs.“We good?” he asked.“We're better than good!”To be continued.Much thanks to Mina (Sweetestsins) for her edit        

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