Xxx A motorcyclist fucks a bitch from Arabia sucking cock under the table

Xxx A motorcyclist fucks a bitch from Arabia sucking cock under the table

Hello readers and viewers. This is Ravi to tell you all how I got an invitation to fuck a woman who has just got married. Her name is Shriya(pseudoname). I must thank to the Indian Sex Stories website which is of great help in finding sex partners and as a result it has enhanced my sex life. As my last story was published I received mails saying that the way I had sex was totally beyond imagination. Once when I reopened my e mail box to check my mails, I saw that there was a mail from a lady named Shriya in which the subject was, “Could You Please Help Me Out?” I got excited and immediately checked the mail to read what Shriya had written. I immediately got an erection in my cock while reading the same. Shriya had written that she had read my sex story in Indian-sex-stories and liked the way I had sex with a 38 year old woman. Shriya had written that she was a 23 year old married lady from Bangalore and was happily married recently. Shriya wrote that as she was a software-professional, she had attracted a charming, handsome husband who was also working in the same company. Shriya had thought her husband would sweep her off her feet and give her a life time of romance and happiness which turned into a delusion as he flied overseas in relation to his projects. Shriya was devoid of 360 degree of unlimited happiness. She even wrote that she could not taste her fourth night (SUHAGRAAT). She was interested to have sex with me and wanted my long fat cock in her vagina, because it has been 4 months after her marriage. Her husband had not yet returned India. Shriya mentioned that she was a kind of lady who would love to have sex every day. So, she was desperate to have sex with me. Along with her mail, she also mentioned her telephone number and asked me to maintain complete secrecy about the extramarital sex life she was going to have with me. Now my sex encounter starts from here. As I got her mobile number in her mail, without a second thought I immediately rang her up and fortunately Shriya had picked up the phone. I introduced myself and she was happy to hear me on the phone as I responded to her mail. Then both of us decided to meet each other and she asked to exchange photos through mail. I obliged her request. The next day I received her phone call and she told me to go through my mail to check out her whereabouts she had mailed me. I quickly went to internet and opened it. Shriya had written her address and the time to visit her. Shriya has requested me to reach at 9.00 pm as everybody in the apartment would have closed their front doors and none could see me enter her flat. One best thing living in the apartment was, no one knew where the guest went, except the security. I registered a false name and took the lift to the 4th floor. I gently knocked at her door. Suddenly the door opened and she welcomed me and bolted the door instantly. When I saw Shriya, I got mesmerized. Shriya had wrapped a pink robe around her body without any other a piece of cloth underneath. Perhaps she was going to take a bath. Shriya was a sexy lady with a fair complexion and attractive with a good figure of 38C-30-36. Shriya was a very good looking lady with round boobs and sexy ass which was waiting to be pressed and slapped. In short Shriya was a sex bomb. Shriya told me to sit down on sofa. She sat in front of me on revolving chair keeping her legs crossed. I could see her long fat milky-white thighs. I really got a hard-on and my cock bulged out of jeans so that Shriya viewed it and offered a wicked smile. The towel covered her from just above her nipples to barely the bottom of ass cheeks. Her breasts were heaving against the tautness of the fabric of her robe. We chatted on different topics. I could know when her desires and romance ebbed out of her marriage; Shriya dared taste the pleasure out of pain out of her marriage. Her overwhelming desire to ease the fire of lust drove her to be double-cross. Shriya also added, “If you feel hungry, then you have to open your mouth to ask for food. Otherwise none would serve.” Her approach to sex was not different from that favored any other women. I realized, “Just because husband isn’t around doesn’t mean a woman stops feeling the need to copulate.” Choosing a man as a partner for the time being was a way of dealing with this dilemma as it was certainly an extreme option. Shriya could have been branded “deceitful and scheming”; but she developed the relationship with the sole intention of getting satisfied sexually. It was principally a physical one. Shriya avoided the risks of lying in bed one night with a man she knew as Shriya thought she might be blackmailed or be an object of neighbors’ gossip. Or it could even spoil her married life. As I didn’t want to scare her off, I continued speaking to her. After a half an hour talk, Shriya got up and told me that she was going to take the bath and requested me to wait until she returned. As Shriya walked I could see her robe was tightly wrapped round her buttocks underlining every sexy curve of her tight backside. I was watching her big round ass swinging in front of my eyes. I can feel the bulge in my briefs. I really got aroused and asked her if I could accompany her to the bathroom. Shriya looked back and stared at me with wide eyes. Then Shriya replied me positively with a naughty grin. I hurriedly removed my shirt, jeans and kept on sofa. I even put aside my shorts and followed her to the bathroom. Meanwhile Shriya was watching my black cock erect at 30 degrees and was swinging to and fro as I walked. When we entered into the bathroom, I dragged her very close to me and hugged each other warmly and firmly. We looked into each other’s eyes and I resumed kissing each other passionately. I put my arms around her waist. As Shriya didn’t resist I wandered my hands over her hips and pulled them to thrust my pelvis into her. Shriya could feel my prick hard against her groin as I groped her buttocks. I nuzzled into her neck and kissed her while squeezing her buttocks. Shriya raised her right leg and encircled it around my waistline out of excitement as I massaged her plump arse cheeks roughly. Then I kissed her earlobes, eyelids, nose, shoulders and along the outline of the towel. I finally kissed her erotic armpits that pleased her a lot. Thereafter I peeled off the towel and threw it aside. Now both of us were completely nude. Meanwhile Shriya made the shower on. The water got sprinkled over our bodies which made both of us aroused and I starter kissing all over her face, her neck and her lips passionately with long kisses. Our tongues were playing together and our saliva passing being interchanged. My hand then began exploring her body and was on her back and squeezing her buttocks. Shriya then guided my hands to her breasts which was a feast for me. I cupped her breast and Shriya was about to cry. I kissed everywhere that I thought it would please her and slowly went down. Now I knelt down and my eyes got concentrated on her beautiful cunt surrounded by dense pubic brown hair. I simply kissed at her entrance and Shriya moaned AAAHHH... I intiated kissing her pussy up and down, right and left. Her body started to jerk in ecstasy. I tasted the water flowing over her pussy and my hands were busy moving over her plump ass-cheeks and along the ass-cleavage. Then I made out a mischievous plan. I brought the bottle of baby oil and dipped my middle finger into it. I slowly started inserting it in her anus. Shriya didn’t protest and I guessed she liked it. I put my tongue back in her pussy with my finger focused on her anus. I slowly started to move it as it was tight and the hole was also tiny. Gradually my oiled finger was freely moving in and out of her asshole. I could feel the warmth out of friction inside her anus. Simultaneously I was eating her pussy. Shriya couldn’t stand steadily and started moaning like RRAAAVVVVIIII, OOOHHHHH... YYEEAAAA... OOHHHHH... UUUMMMMMM... AAAHHHHH... As I looked up, her womanly breasts were bouncing up and down. Shriya was tweezing, teasing her erect brown nipples with one hand and pulling my head very close to her pussy with the other. I continuously slid my finger in and out inside her arse hole for over 10 minutes. Her body was shivering tremendously in joy as one shivers in chill cold. Then I moved my finger from ass to her vaginal hole. I pulled her pubic hairs gently to tickle and amuse her. Then I pulled apart her pussy labia and peeped inside. It was pink in color with a hole going direct to her womb. Now my fingers were feeling her puffy lips and gently massaged her clit. I slowly inserted my finger into her wet dripping pussy. I said “Shriya, you are really wet down there.” And I started finger fucking her with the middle one. I increased the numbers from one to two, two to three and finally four of my fingers except the thumb were moving fast inside her orifice. Shriya was out of control and was standing open-mouthed with lots of sexy and arousing yells coming out. Shriya cried out, “Please don’t stop. Go on RRAAAVVVVIIII. OOOHHHHH... YYEEAAAA... OOHHHHH... UUUMMMMMM... it FFEEEEELS SSOOOOOO GOOOOOD.” Shriya was sweating and hot now. Her head is thrashing on the walls and hands pressing my hand to her pussy. I increased my speed to finger in her pussy for sliding in out in out. Shriya shrieked, “OOOO... RRAAAVVVVIIIII AAHHHH... It FEEEEELS GOOD. Don’t stop now. PLEASEEEEEEEE I want you SSOOOOOOOOO MUCH OOHHHHHHH... AAHHHHHHHHH...” At last Shriya could not hold any longer and attained her orgasm. I could clearly see her juices flowing out of her pussy in a stream and I tasted it to my hearts content. It was saline and I could smell the aroma of her wet hole that drove insane. After a while, Shriya made me stand up and hugged tightly. She kissed me all over my face and whispered, “Ravi, you are really great in finger-fucking. I loved it.” Shriya placed her right hand on my hot erect rod. I felt an electric shock at that stage. Then looking into my eyes, Shriya asked me, “Would you like to get your dick sucked?” I readily nodded as it was very exciting for me. Shriya smiled and her soft hands slid the foreskin back and felt the soft mushroom head. “Wow! What a feeling”. It was absolutely a great feeling of a hot mouth on my black dick. It feeeeelllt soo gooood. She knelt down between both my legs and planted a kiss on the bulging tip of my dick and took it fully in her mouth. The feeling of her lips touching my organ sent out a shivering wave in my body.  Shriya held it in her hands and ran her soft palms along the full length to jerk it. Shriya roamed her hot lips around the rim of my pink head and kissed it. When I ran my hand through her hair and cupped the back of her head and pushed my huge cock against her lips, I heard Shriya say, ”MMM... MMM... MMM.... MMMM...” And then with one firm push I could see her open her mouth and my huge tool enter her mouth. I held her head as Shriya was sucking me off. I was moaning in pleasure and her tongue was making circles on the head of my dick. I was in a great ecstasy, pulling her head to me fast. Shriya licked my dick for sometime until it was hard and erect to its maximum. Shriya bit it a little and made it wet with her saliva. Her head was moving to and for. She was highly breathing hot. I could feel it getting reflected at my pubic hairs. My balls were hitting her chin and she was also massaging them gently. Shriya was now pumping me faster and it felt soooo great. Now I just could not hold and tried to withdraw my cock saying, “OOHH... I am cumming.” But Shriya did not pull out my shaft and signaled me to cum inside her mouth. I cupped her cheeks firmly in my palms and moved my penis faster. I left a huge glob of semen through the rod that hit her throat with a loud shrill like YYEEEAAHHHHHHHHH... I pulled it out as it went limp and shrank inside her mouth. But still there were a lot of fluid coming out which I sprayed over her face, lips and then her hair and chest. She ate every drop of semen like a hungry bitch. Both of us bathed in heavy sweat. Then we decided to take the bath. We played with each other’s organ under the shower. Her body was gleaming with the water and soap foam. Then we finished the bathing and washed off each other with the towel. Shriya was going to dress up; but I stopped her as I would have to remove it again. She agreed and served the dinner. We finished the dinner and sauntered back to her bed-room. I made Shriya lay on the bed facing the ceiling with her legs widened apart to receive me there. Then I came over her and locked my lips with those of her. I kissed her passionately holding and spreading her hands with our finger interlaced. I saw her brown nipples, nice and hard. I knew Shriya was in a tizzy. I slowly mass
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aged her boobs, kissed her areolas and played with her nipples. I was pouring loads of saliva on her boobs making it wet, really sexy. Shriya was gifted with a very nice waist, nicely shaped thighs and a clean shaved pussy; but her best feature was her breasts which were big and make her figure look even sexier with her big thick round brown nipples. My tongue was moving between her heavy breasts sucking, licking and kissing the sweat from every inch of her lovely large stiffening nipples, bumpy areolas and sweet swollen breasts. Shriya was enjoying it and uttering like, "AAHHHHHH, SSHHHSSSSSHHHHH... WOOWWWWWHHHH... UUUFFFFFF... AAAAHHHHH... OOOUUUUUU...” I was taking one flushed red nipple in my mouth and kneading the other breast. Shriya was crying and thrashing her legs every time I did so. Her anklets jingle and my bangles too made small tinkling noises. Shriya was constantly rubbing her heels on the bed in utter excitement. My hands were roaming on her vaginal area almost robotically. Her body was on fire, jolting and shocking as her clit wagged under the ministrations of my finger. Then I got up and made her lay on her belly. My attention was drawn to her ass. It was big and muscular. She was a spectacular piece of ass. I started playing with her ass and she said, "You love my ass? I replied, "Yes" Well, if you love my ass so much, you can fuck my ass." It was so exciting to hear those words. "I said, “Let's do it." I slid my tongue around her ass hole and she responded positively. I put my tongue up her ass to lick through out which was driving her mad! I could also view her swollen pussy lips underneath her arse. I tried to fuck her tiny, tight asshole and pussy simultaneously with my finger. I started with my index finger with its tip rubbing on her clit and then pushed my finger a little inside her clit while she was moaning AAAAHHHH... SSHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH... MMAAAAAAAAAAA... UUUUMMM... in pleasure. I tried to push my finger inside her further and kept rubbing her clit with my other hand. On further insertion, I felt signs of little pain on her face, but she did not stop me. Now I started a little to and fro movement of my finger inside her pussy and started licking and sucking her clit with my tongue. I pushed in my middle finger also along with to accompany my index finger to the same depth. Lastly I dipped my thumb inside her arse hole. Now all my four fingers were inside her wet cunt and my thumb in ass hole. Not wasting much time, I started to push and pull my fingers in her vigorously.  Her body started shivering again in pleasure. Shriya was screaming, OOHHHHH... GODDDDDD! IIIIII AAMMM CUMMMINGGGGG... OOHHHHHHHH... YESSSSSSSS! YES! YES! She tore the cover of the pillow in excitement. She was biting the bed-sheet constantly with yells like OOOOHHHH... AAAAAHHHH... AAAAA... OOFFFFFFFFF... Shriya was about to cum again. The moment she screamed as her orgasm was on peak, I pushed my 4 fingers as deep as I could into her cunt. She was screaming loudly and I could clearly see her juices flowing out of her pussy again. My hand got drenched in her thick juice. Then I turned her back again. My dick was erect and hard fully at its full length. I pushed back the foreskin so that it would be streamlined to penetrate. I grasped the swollen lips of her pussy with my lips. I started sucking madly and along with continued to swirl my tongue. This made her go crazy and she was screaming in joy. She was pinching her nipples with her one hand and her other hand was on the back of my head with her cute little fingers combing through my hair. I forcefully parted her thighs and deftly inserted a pillow below her buttocks so as to lift her cunt to the height of my dick while I knelt. Her hips got lifted up and I placed my dick on her pussy. I rubbed the bulging tip of my dick over her wet tight cunt along her pink path to seduce her. I let the tip of my dick fondle with her excited clit. I kept rubbing my dick on her cunt for sometime so as to wet it with her sweet juices thoroughly. Shriya said, “Oh yes Raviii! Put it in. I need to feel it in me. Please fuck me.” She took my dick in her hands, ripped off the condom packet and covered my shaft along its length. Then she placed it in front of her pussy. I pushed a bit and the head slowly entered her hole. As it was wet, I further pushed in slowly. She bit her teeth and said, “UUMMPPPHH... AAHHHHHHH... YES! SLOWLY SLOOOWLYYY GOOOOOD...” I pushed it in one hard stroke as her pussy was very wet. It went in fully and she held me tightly. Her legs were around my waist pulling me to her tightly and Shriya said me to wait as she wanted to feel it inside her for some time. My dick was in up to the hilt and was pulsating inside her. I gave a kiss and held her tightly to me. Then I slowly started to thrust in out in out her pussy. Shriya was holding my dick tightly with her muscular cunt lips. Wincing with pain I kept her mouth shut and then rammed her hole even more brutally. I pushed even harder while my balls hit hard against her ass cheeks like stones were slapping. Now I was brutally kneading and squeezing her boobs till they were sore and red. My penis was moving in her like a battering ram. She screamed aloud UMMMMM... OOOOHHH... AAAAAHHHHH... SHHHHHHHH... MMAAAAAAAA... UUUUUMMM..." After some time she shouted, “OOHHH... RAVIII... I am Cumming.” I held her hands to her sides not allowing her to hold me. I repositioned her legs those were now on my shoulders, giving me a good fucking position. Her pussy was around my dick holding tightly; only the hips were coming into contact, her breasts wobbling up and down. The whole bed was oscillating. I was fucking her faster and faster. Now I was also screaming, “YES SHRIYA... I am also going to cum now OOOHHHHHH... YEEESSSSSSS... This went on for almost 20 minutes before I started to shove more desperately and biting her breasts and nipples. With a giant thrust I buried my dick to the hilt. Finally I could hold no longer and let my cum explode inside her as I had used the condom. I lay on top of her having spent up energy and cum, and then slid off her. Shriya put her head on my chest and said, “I loved it, Ravi. I really loved it. I wish you were my husband or boyfriend.” We kissed and hugged each other. After some time she held my dick and was slowly bringing it to life again and said, “This time I will be on top, ok?” I nodded with a smile as I sensed what she wanted to do. When my dick was hard again she got up and sat on my dick slowly. It went in smoothly now and Shriya started to move up down. I held and caressed her hips as she was moving on me. I was fingering her asshole also to keep up her pace. Shriya arched her head back in pleasure and was moving faster moaning in pleasure UHHHHHHH... AHHHHH... OUCHHH... Her breasts were bouncing up and down with her movements. I held them and was squeezing slightly. Pinching her nipples made her hornier and she was riding me harder and faster. Her hairs that were tide up in a ponytail got disarranged and rolled off her face making her sexier. After some time she fell on my chest with her hips moving on my dick. Kissing my mouth and slurping my tongue, Shriya shouted, “Yes I am cummingggg...” I could also feel the heat in me erupting and I also uttered, “Yes Shriya! I am cumming tooooo...” and we both came at the same time. She was moving her tired hips slowly. Our mixed juices were on her thighs slowly dropping from her pussy. She gave me a lingering kiss and said “Ravi! Thanks for the wonderful night.” I complimented her and replied, “Yea thanks to you also for you ride.” But I was not still satiated. I started kissing her as both of us were in each others arms. I concentrated on her breasts. I cupped her fine and beautiful breasts that were radiating her real beauty. It was like mountain of golden clouds, but strong. I still remember the erected tit. It was beautiful, tender and fascinating and smelt great. I smelt it, savored it with an intoxicated sense and tried to be a vigorous child. Her lips clamped together and closed eyes, tightly. I patted on her belly and squeezed the breast to rhythm of ‘beyond the invisible’. I felt her warm lips on my cheeks and on the neck. Though her silky and hot body instilled the electricity of lust into me, but strange and poignant feeling that infiltrated into my brain was enough to disperse the lust into nothing. I whispered her that I longed to ride her ass. Shriya got astonished and asked immediately,” What? Are you crazy?” I replied, “Yes! You have possessed gorgeous wide hips. I wanna fuck them to complete the fucking session.” Shriya said, “No, no! It will hurt me.” But as I assured her that I was good ass-fucker and moreover she would derive more pleasure in it, Shriya readily granted her consent to proceed. I requested her to pose herself like a bitch. Shriya knelt down and supported her body with her elbows resting on the bed. I got up and masturbated my shaft for 2 minutes to get it hardened. Then I rubbed my dick along her ass cleavage and gently pushed the tip inside her. Then I clamped her ass-cheeks with my rough hands and fondled them. Then suddenly I grabbed her waist and gave a hard stroke. Shriya creamed out, “AAAAAAA... STOPPPPP... NOOO PLEASEEEEEE LEAVEEEEE MEEEEEEE” Half of my length entered into her as her path was narrow. Then I conglomerated all strengths at my base and pushed my hips forward. It slid fully inside her with a lot of pain. But both of us got maximum pleasure in it though Shriya resisted initially. I hold her long hair, biting in her ass and started to give stroke after stroke for at least 15 minutes. Shriya was groaning moaning... “PLEASEEE... GIVE IT HARD. MAKE IT FAST, FASTTT... SPEED UPPP... TEAR IT APART... FUCK AS LONG AS YOU WANT RAVIII... UHHHHHHHHH... AHHHHH... OUCHHH... FILL MEEE... GIVE IT HARDER... LOVE ME RAVIII... I NEED MOREEE... Large sounds of FUCHHHHHHHHHHH... FUCHHHHHHHHHHH... could me heard inside the room. The screams coming out from both of us reverberated the room. Her boobs were swinging in air because of my strokes. I coveted them to massage. I slowly glided my hands on her boobs and kneaded them at my will. Shriya turned her back and our lips got locked in lust. I continued giving her long strokes. I was banging her from back like a horse. Shriya reacted and reciprocated equally to my each and every thrust. Finally I could hold no longer and after some real brisk thrusting, I burst out my semen inside her tunnel. I could feel my fluid swoop through my rod to her canal. I took only 15 minutes to offload. Then I pulled it out and sprayed the rest drops over her pussy and tummy. I viewed shower of warm cum in her ass-hole that was flowing out. I was amazed at the quantum of ejaculation. Her face was shining with the joy though it had become red and wet with sweat. Shriya took my dick in her hands and was milking it gasping. It was a wonderful feeling being milked by a soft hand. I was eating cunt like a hungry cat for milk. I stole her virginity. We both were very much satisfied now and tired too. We kept kissing each other until we both fell asleep. I woke up at 08:00 a.m. the sun rays were filtering through the window curtains. I was sleeping beside her under the blanket and was just thinking what really happened to me. About half an hour later Shriya woke up and hugged me with a smile. I watched the signs of brutality on the bed-sheet. She got up from her bed to take bath and I asked if we could bath together. She readily agreed for that and we were in the shower bathing each other and soaping each other. I just wrapped in a towel and she had her nightie, underneath with out nothing. She asked if I would like to drink anything. I asked her if she could get me coffee. She brought me coffee along with snacks. Meanwhile she said she was going to prepare breakfast and she went to kitchen. I followed her and helped in cutting vegetables for soup and broke eggs to make omelets. She was very good in cooking. We enjoyed breakfast together and then she dressed herself to move to office. She drove the car and dropped me at desired location. For the last I kissed her passionately in the car and squeezed her boobs when I was to get down. She requested me not disclose to anybody. I assured her with the words that I would forget what I did with her last night. We waved each other to say goodbye and she left. After that day we had sex encounters 4 times. I at times receive mails from her and do reply her. Anybody who liked this story, do send me feedback. I really welcome your views. Do mail me at [email protected] . Any horny ladies out there who want a hot enjoyment with me from Bangalore can feel free to contact me. I am eagerly waiting for your replies especially from those unsatisfied women.

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