Gifted Man Convinces A Young Woman To Fuck Her Pussy

Gifted Man Convinces A Young Woman To Fuck Her Pussy

My cell phone buzzed me awake the next morning out of a sound sleep. I started at it, confused. It was Carly’s number. “Hello?” I said. My eyes felt like they were coated in glue. “Krystenah?” Carly's voice was dripping with her usual syrupy cheer. “It’s 9:30. Brian has been looking for you. You were scheduled to meet with him an hour ago. Is everything okay?” I sat up with a start, my chain rattling and bouncing between my breasts. “Oh, shit,” I said. “I’m coming. I overslept. I’ll be there as soon as I can. he really mad?” I asked. “He’s pretty steamed, yeah,” she said. “Drive safe!” she hung up. I felt around for my glasses and found a note and a set of keys next to them. Master had written, Good morning, Slave. I am proud of you for taking your punishment so bravely. Here are the keys to the chain. You are to report to Brian at 8:30 this morning and I expect a good report from him when I see you tonight. Love, Master J— I unlatched my collar from the doggie chain, but I didn’t see a key for the collar itself. I decided that was the least of my worries as I scrambled through brushing my teeth and hair, washing my face, fixing a quick cup of coffee and getting dressed. I put on a cute pink skin-tight top and the shortest mini I could find. I also put on my strappy pink shoes, the ones that practically forced me to swing my hips when I wore them. I hoped this might mitigate the punishment I was sure to receive from Brian at work. “Here goes nothing,” I said to my reflection, as I walked out the door. Carly flashed a smile at me when I stepped into the lobby. “He said to just go to your office. He had to take another meeting, so he said he would call you when he was ready.” I sighed with relief and rushed to my office. I knew the punishment would come, but I was glad to have a few moments to myself in my office to get my mind right. When I got to my office, I answered emails and worked on the presentation I had to complete for the end of the week. An hour went by. Another hour went by. My stomach started to tighten as I wondered when Brian would call me in to answer for my tardiness. A little before lunch, Carly knocked on my office door. “Krystenah?” I jumped up, startled. “Yes, Carly?” I looked over at her and kept typing. “Um, I am sorry to interrupt you, but Brian said you should report to his office for your spanking now.” My face flushed red. “Thank you Carly,” I said as I saved my document and got up from my desk. “And he also said to tell you that…” she cleared her throat. "Um, he said to tell you that you have been a very bad girl and that you are going to be punished for it.” Her voice dropped a little as she began to blush. “Thank you, Carly. I am sorry you had to deliver such an embarrassing message,” I said and patted her on the arm. I walked as quickly as I could without actually running to Brian's office and past two of my colleagues, Peter and Renee. Peter said, “Krystenah must be in big trouble with Brian.” And Renee said, “I think he is going to spank her ass again.” I turned and looked at them, but I realized I didn't have any time to waste, so I continued on to my boss' office. My heart was racing when I reached Brian’s office. I took a deep breath and knocked on his door. “Enter,” he said. His voice was deep and stern. I walked in and started to close the door. “Leave it open,” he said. I took a moment and then turned to him. “We had an appointment this morning, Krystenah.” “I know, Sir. I oversl—“ “Yes, yes, baby girl. I know all about it. And I don’t care. After yesterday I thought I had made it clear to you that I do not like to be kept waiting. Daddy does not like to be kept waiting, especially not over an hour. I had to move meetings around and clear out a nice chunk of time today so that I could deal with you appropriately.” Yes, Sir.” I looked down. It appeared my skirt and shoes would be no help to me at all. “Come over her, young lady,” he said to me and I walked over to where he sat. He took my hands in his and looked up at me. “I am very disappointed in you, Kryssie. It appears that you are going to need more frequent punishment sessions until you understand how to behave. Until further notice you are going to report to me first thing in the morning and before you leave for the day and you will get bare bottom spankings at the very least.” His voice never rose, but I looked into his intense blue eyes and I knew that I wanted to please him. “Yes, Sir,” I said. “Over my knee, you naughty little girl,” He said and I lay across. He flipped up my skirt and made no comment about my bare ass. Brian’s spanking was nowhere near as harsh as Master’s, but his lecturing made the spanking that much worse. “Naughty girls get spanked, don’t they, Kryssie?” “Yes, Daddy,” I said, wanting to please him. “And you were naughty to keep Daddy waiting, weren’t you, you bad (SMACK), bad (SMACK) girl?” I could hear murmurings in the hallway of a small gathering crowd and I wanted to die from the shame. “Answer me, you little brat!” Brian’s strokes picked up in intensity and I kicked out my legs involuntarily. “Yes, Daddy! I was very nau
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ghty. I’m sorry! I’m sorry, Daddy!” He stopped suddenly and began rubbing my ass. He hadn’t done that yesterday and while I was grateful for the reprieve, I felt guilty that I was enjoying the touch of someone other than my master. “Daddy’s hands are getting very sore from spanking your ass, little girl. I am going to have to wear gloves this afternoon when you come in for your second session.” I remained bent over his lap, unsure if the spanking was over or not. He continues stroking my reddened ass and started to give it little pinches. “For now, I believe that I may have something that will work on that bad little ass of yours.” He opened a drawer at his foot and pulled something out. Without any warning, the hairbrush came down with a shot. I stiffened, fearful now that this spanking might reduce me to tears as yesterday’s had. The public humiliation I had worried about fled from my mind as he raised the hairbrush over his head and brought it down on my stinging ass and my tender thighs. “Ow, Daddy!” I screamed. “When little girls have been as bad as you have, they need to be taught a lesson. I need you to behave, Kryssie. I need you to be a good girl, not the wicked (SMACK), naughty (SMACK), bratty (SMACK), bad (SMACK), bad little girl you have been. Do (SMACK), you (SMACK), under (SMACK), stand (SMACK), me? (SMACK). I was kicking and crying with abandon. “Yes, Daddy! I understand. I’ll be good, Daddy, please!” He stopped and pulled me up onto his lap. I cried on his shoulder and he stroked my hair. “Good girl,” he cooed into my ear. “Run off to work now and try not to get into any trouble. I’ll see you at the end of the day.” “Yes, Sir.” I said and wiped my eyes. He smiled and handed me a tissue and patted my ass to get off his lap. As soon as I was up, he went back to work, as if nothing strange had happened. I walked, dazed, through the small crowd of onlookers back to my office, my ass and thighs throbbing. I felt better now that I had been punished, but I felt aroused and frustrated, as well. When I got back to my office, Master IM’ed me. How was your spanking, slave?” he asked. Brian must have let him know. “It was harsher than I expected. The lecturing was the worst, Sir,” I typed. “Are you excited?” “Yes, Sir,” I admitted. “Good. Lock your office door and get yourself off. You deserve it.” "Yes, Sir."I locked my door and sat down on my seat, my pussy already slick from the spanking. I rubbed my clit roughly and felt the wetness inside. I remembered when Master had spread my ass cheeks to examine the asshole he owns and how vulnerable it made me feel. I imagined him coming into the office, pushing me onto my desk, so that I am on all fours on the desk.He tells me to tip my hips up so he can see the state of the clit he owns. I do so happily and he begins to rub it slowly and deliberately up and down and in slow circles. He applies the right amount of pressure and begins to rub with the flat of his hand along the outside of the pussy he owns. His fingers slid inside and then outside, wetting the clit. He tells me to roll over on my back and stick my legs into the air. he looks at me and then lowers his head slowly. He kisses my clit and then begins to lap at it with strong, quick strokes, his tongue expertly working my throbbing clit. He rubs the outside of his slaves asshole and pushes a finger inside as he continues lapping at the clit. With his other hand, he roughly rubs my thighs and then lightly runs his fingernails up and down the inside of my thighs, closer and closer to the vulva. he traces the folds and pulls lightly at the lips. He begins to thrust more forcefully inside the asshole as he insistently licks and sucks the clit, straining for release. He finally traces the outside of the opening to his slave's cunt before pushing two fingers inside. He hooks them inside the opening and massages the inside as he fucks the ass. I am rolling my head back and forth on the desk, moaning with abandon as the orgasm inside me reaches up higher and higher and higher and higher. My heart is racing and I am thrusting back onto Master's finger's and mouth, reveling in the pleasure of his attention. The arousal builds again and this time I hear his voice, "Cum," and the crest spills over the side and I follow it, moaning and panting like an animal. I felt relaxed and happy throughout the afternoon working in my office. At 4:45 I started walking toward Brian’s office. I got a number of knowing looks as I trudged through the hallways. When I got to his office, his door was open and Brian was putting on leather gloves. “Get in here, you naughty girl,” he said sternly. *** When it was over, Brian had me wait as he wrote a note in longhand to Master. He said I couldn’t read it and that he was going to pin it to my blouse, as he said, "so your master will be sure to get it." I looked down as he wrote. There were only a few people left, as I walked with a stinging ass and my note pinned to my blouse back to my office. I hoped the report Brian wrote for me would meet with my Master’s approval. I hoped Master would honor me with his cock tonight. Most of all, I hoped I would learn to be a better employee at work and a better slave at home.

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