Sex with blonde in summer fucks on the green grass

Sex with blonde in summer fucks on the green grass

It’s been a long day of work. I come home, tie loosened, looking around the house for you. I drop my keys on the counter, continuing to undo my tie and shirt as I walk the house calling “Honey, you home?” I come around the corner and I’m greeted by a view of your amazing ass, barely hidden in a thong. You’re decked out in a maid costume, a black corset with white lacing and lace accents. The petticoat underneath the skirt lifts it nice and high so your round butt is very visible and I just want to reach out and spank it. I let out a slow whistle and you turn to me, pretending that you didn’t hear me calling you for the last minute. “Mr. Jensen, you’re home early! I was just finishing the cleaning, sir. I’ve done the high spots and I’ll be done dusting low in just a bit,” you tell me. You immediately bend over in front of me, whisking away some imaginary dust off a table top that you didn’t need to bend over to reach. The view as you face me gives me a delicious shot of your huge breasts, pressed up and out by the tight corset. I’m worried that my cock is so hard it’s going to tear my slacks open any minute. It gets even worse when you turn around and bend over again, making sure that your ass is aimed right at me. It looks so damn good wearing those high, high heels. I step up to your hot ass, rubbing my hands over your round cheeks. You let out a slow purr, “Mmm, anything else I can do for you tonight, sir?” You feel my hard cock pressing up against you now, pushing into your pussy lips through my pants and your thong. You subconsciously begin to grind back on it ever so slightly. I reach up and grab your hair, pulling you upright with your back still to me. As you continue to press back into me, I reach around you, grabbing your tits as they overflow from the corset. “Why yes, maid, I do have something that I need you to clean, but it’s going to take more than a feather duster,” I whisper in your ear. I spin you around and give you a slight push down on your shoulders. You understand where I’m going and drop to your knees on the carpet. Your hands rub over my hard shaft through the slacks, then undo the belt and button and allow them to drop to the floor along with my boxers. As my cock pops out in your face, you look me in the eye as you give a long, slow lick from the base to the tip. As you get to the head you swirl your tongue around it, then pump the head in and out of your lips by itself several times. I take the costume head piece out of your hair and toss it aside before my hands grab your head. You moan softly onto my cock knowing what is coming next. I take your head and bottom my cock out in your mouth, pushing straight through your mouth and into your throat. Your hands slide up and rest on my hips as I start fucking your beautiful face. You gag slightly on my cock but keep taking it like a pro, looking me in the eyes as you take my length. It’s so fucking hot and you know it. I fuck your face faster, holding your head as I thrust in and out to the glug-glug-glug sound as I bottom out. The site of my cock disappearing in your mouth is so hot. I feel the orgasm coming on quickly. You feel my cock throbbing in your mouth and throat as I get closer. I grunt and bury my cock in your throat, holding you down on my cock. My body tenses as I explode, pumping my hot load down your throat. I feel your tongue rubbing against my cock, coaxing every last drop out of me as I finish. As I finally start to relax I look down at the look of satisfaction on your face. It’s so sexy. I take you by the hand, lifting you up. I push you back against the wall, pulling your thong down but leaving the rest of the costume on. As I kneel to remove the thong, I stay down. You lift your leg to step out of the thong and I
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continue to raise it, throwing it over my shoulder. Your lower leg rests on my back as I lean forward to taste you. You moan slowly as you feel my breath on your wet pussy lips. Your fingers run through my hair and grasp my head, urging me. I reach my tongue for you, tasting your sweet juice as I run my tongue up and down your slit. Your moans get louder as I lick you. I move higher, reaching your clit and rolling it with my tongue. I feel the pressure from your leg on my back as you beg for more. As I keep licking your clit your moans turn to screams and I feel your grip on my head tighten. One hand reaches up and grabs your big sexy tits, squeezing them through the thin fabric at the top of the corset. My hand blindly searches for your nipple and finds it, pinching hard. My tongue speeds up as your body starts shaking. I know you’re getting closer and closer. I slide my other hand up the inside of your thigh, reaching your pussy and slowly slipping inside you. I start to pump in and out of your soaking wet pussy and it pushes you over the edge. Your body rocks violently and you scream as the orgasm takes hold of you. I lap up your juices, licking up your slit and over your clit as the orgasm continues to course through you. I keep licking until your body stops shaking. As you catch your breath I kiss my way up your body over the corset. I stop at your hot tits, pulling your breasts up out of the top and taking them in my mouth. I lick around your hard nipples before sucking them into my mouth and nibbling them. You moan slightly as I grab them, knead them, and suck on them. I continue playing with your big breasts as I kiss my way up to your lips. You can taste yourself as my tongue slips past your lips and probes your mouth. You feel my hand leave your breast and wonder where it’s going. You soon get your answer as my hand guides my hard cock to your soaked slit and plunges the long thick shaft deep inside you. You gasp out loud as I penetrate you. My cock slides in so easily after you came so hard for me. I don’t start slow. I grab your ass and start pounding you hard against the wall. The pictures hanging on the wall bounce and shake as I slam you against it with each thrust. The kiss naturally breaks as the pace picks up and your moans turn to screams. Your nails grab my back as I continue to thrust deep inside you. You lift one leg up then the other, wrapping them around my back and holding on while I keep working you harder and harder. You’re screaming in my ear as you get closer. I whisper in your ear, “That’s it baby, cum for me, cum all over that big cock like the dirty little slut maid you are.” As I say this, you feel yourself propelled to another orgasm. Again your body shakes but this time I get to feel your pussy clenching and grabbing my cock as I continue to fuck you hard and deep. My cock presses up against your cervix over and over as you cum. “That feels so fucking good… you want me to fill that hot little pussy up with cum baby?” At the dirty talk your legs clench down, pulling me deep inside you as you scream out, “Fuck yes, sir! Fill your slut’s pussy with that hot cum!” Your contractions drive me over the edge and I bury my cock inside you. All the way inside I explode, cum shooting out and hitting your cervix. I’ve stopped thrusting but as I cum you start to gyrate, sliding around on my cock and coaxing every last drop of my cum out inside you. As we both come down from our orgasms, we kiss deeply, tongues exploring each other. We catch our breath before I let you down. I smack you on your hot round butt. “Looks like we’ve got some more mess to clean up… better get your hot ass to the shower, maid.” You stick your ass out for the slap, eager to take the playful spank. “Mmm, yes sir.”

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