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Romanian Amateur Lesbian Sex Porn Translated In Romanian Face Sex Night Pussies Xxx Pussies Naked 3gp Zippy Porn Stelios

I worked for a telecommunications company in their support division. It was a hectic job and could be somewhat frustrating at times, but the pay was good. One of the positive aspects of my job that I particularly liked was that being one of those people who hated getting up early, my shift was from eleven a.m. until eight p.m. I took the train to and from work daily and lived twenty stations away from the office where I was employed. My apartment was conveniently located close to my station, which also happened to be the ultimate destination on the line I travelled.Being a creature of habit, I always entered the train in the last carriage. Although it was the carriage furthest away from entry or exit points, the two reasons I did so were that firstly, most people are lazy and always rush for the nearest carriage, and secondly, not being lazy to walk the extra bit I always found a seat on the train.One evening, after stopping at the third station on my way home, a good looking guy moved through the carriage approaching my direction and sat opposite me. He was wearing a tracksuit and appeared to be very well built. He had a handsome square face with short dark blond hair and blue eyes. I presumptuously concluded that he was of Eastern European extraction. For the duration of our journey, we constantly exchanged glances before he alighted at the penultimate station.Once the train started moving off, he gave me a lovely smile as we passed by him on the platform.The following evening, the same scenario played itself out. Once he was seated he smiled and said, “Looks like you and I have the same philosophy”.Then, observing my frown he explained, “Sitting in the last carriage.”I nodded comprehendingly as the penny dropped.“I’m Boris,” he said, finally introducing himself.“I’m Eric,” I replied before we began to chat. After a very brief history about myself at his request, he told me that his parents were originally from Ukraine and that he worked at a gym as a biokineticist.‘Bingo’ I thought, very impressed by my powers of deduction.Not long after, Boris got off at his station. He was a very sexy guy and above all else, had the most beautiful hands I had seen in a very long time.The next night I did not see him, but the following evening I was in luck once more.For the next several journeys we continued our nocturnal acquaintanceship. Although our chats never got to a very personal level, from the escalating sensuality of his eye contact I got the impression that he was gay.One night, when he failed to alight from the train at his usual destination, I looked at him with a puzzled expression before stating that he had missed his station, he simply shrugged.When we arrived at my station he exited the train with me and said, “Well… because you are responsible for me missing my station, I suppose you owe me a cup of coffee.”I simply laughed before asking, “Have you eaten?”“No… but you really don’t need to feed me as well,” he replied with a smile.“Well, I have to eat… and I feel like pizza tonight. B’sides, there’s a ‘buy one, get one free’ deal at my local pizza joint. Are you in?” I playfully inquired.“Sure… sounds good to me,” he countered.Once in my apartment, we were soon enjoying our meal with a glass of wine.Once we had consumed our meal I asked him about the specifics of his occupation.“Instead of telling you, why don’t I rather give you a demonstration,” he suggested.A tinge of excitement pulsed through my veins as I glanced at his fine-looking hands. Then, after another glass of wine, he got up and suggested we move through to my bedroom.When he removed his tracksuit top I got a good look at Boris’ muscular arms. In a nonchalant way, he then told me to strip and get on my bed.“Naked?” I asked, somewhat aghast.“Well… you can leave your underpants on if you’re shy,” he answered with a c
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hallenging smile.Having been dared so blatantly I sheepishly undressed and stood awaiting my next instruction.Boris then removed his tracksuit pants and trainers, followed by his shorts, and vest. Only attired in a jockstrap he apologetically stated, “As I don’t have a proper work table, we will simply have to use the bed.”Boris’ body was magnificent. He had very little body hair, but thankfully, wasn’t one of those guys who shave their bodies.After I climbed on the bed he shortly was lightly seated on my thighs. As my back got prodded and rubbed all my stress began to evaporate in a blissful haze. When his hands began to work on my lower back later, I was in total ecstasy.When Boris got off the bed and removed his I observed him removing his jockstrap. His upturned cock was meaty, uncut, and magnificently bloated.As he once more seated himself back on my thighs, my butt now became the focus of his attention. Boris’ hands now commenced kneading my backside. With my dick being stimulated against the sheet as his hands ardently mashed my arse, I got the hardest erection I had ever had.A short while later, Boris told me to turn over. After turning over Boris’ rigid curved horn was so pronounced that it almost touched his stomach. The ample snout of his foreskin glistened with moisture.Boris’ eyes were filled with lust as he looked at my knob.“I love thick cocks like yours,” he murmured hornily.Next, moving his body forward Boris reached behind him and placed my fat mushroom head on his pucker. As his butt jiggled, he began absorbing my knob into his warm manhole.Aah...aaah… fuck yes,” he cried as he impaled himself. Boris then fervently began to ride my dick.A short while later I was introduced to the talent of his incredible sphincter. As his arse rhythmically swayed above me, the muscles of his sleeve began to milk my stiff knob. It was like a massaging vacuum set at its highest level.“Warn me if you get too close,” he instructed as he began to tug on his dick. I watched mesmerized as the pink head of his cock slipped in and out of its confinement. With pre-cum bubbling at the tip of his horn, he pleasured himself.With Boris’ hips yo-yoing on my dick feverishly, the stimulation was so great that I finally I had to cum. As I commenced grunting and fountained into his hole, he also let rip, spraying ropes of cum all over us.After lowering his body onto me afterward, our lips locked in a sensual embrace. I caressed his splendid form as we kissed for several minutes.“May I stay the night?” he asked.“Absolutely,” I answered.After a short break, Boris again asked me to turn onto my stomach. Upon placing his dick between my butt cheeks, he rubbed himself against my hole while kissing my neck and shoulders. After coaxing me onto my back eventually, Boris asked me to lift my legs.As he located my hole he pushed his dick into me and when he got going, his horn almost drove me out of my mind as my prostate became the final frontier of his unbelievable massaging skills. Gasping and groaning, I had never felt more stimulation in my life. Every so often when he got close, he would pause for a short while before again plunging his knob into me. When we finally orgasmed together, I didn’t even need to touch my knob as Boris’ cock milked the biggest load that I had ever shot out of me.For the next few hours, we flip-flopped contentedly. Much as he had enjoyed my girth, the curve of his dick had pleasured me beyond description. His internal massage was mesmerizing. We frequently rolled about locked in the sixty-nine position. Boris’ sensuality was wonderful, and his lovemaking skills far more fulfilling than any encounter I had formerly had. It was simply the best night of my life.After our first evening together, Boris’ absentmindedness escalated alarmingly and he frequently began missing his exit station when we travelled home at night.

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