Mature Tattoo Masturbates And After Fucks In The Big Ass

Mature Tattoo Masturbates And After Fucks In The Big Ass

It was my birthday. I had just gotten out of the shower and was standing naked in front of the full length mirror. Looking at all the ways my body had changed in the last few years, it was obvious I was getting older. My youthfulness was disappearing and middle age was setting in. My boobs were still the 36DD they had been for years but they were starting to sag a little. My ass was still round but that too wasn't as perky. Oh well. Nothing I can do about that, I thought to myself as I pulled open the closet door to find something to wear. You had called two hours ago and told me that we were going out to celebrate. All you requested was that I wear your favorite purple thong under whatever outfit I decided on. I figured we would be going out to one of our favorite places for dinner. Decently casual but if one was to dress up a bit they would not feel out of place.The night was supposed to be on the cooler side, so I decided upon a pair of dark skinny jeans paired up with cream colored thigh high stiletto boots that laced up the back. I reached for a thin cream sweater that hugged and showed off my chest nicely but wasn't too tight. I needed a necklace to go with the sweater. Of course I chose the long strand of pearls. Those always made you smile. I wrapped them around my neck twice and then let the rest hang down between my boobs. I had already painted my nails, a sexy deep red color, so I turned to the make-up instead. After applying the final coat of mascara, I took a few steps back and looked into the full length mirror. I was happy with the reflection looking back at me. I was definitely looking older but I still looked good. I went downstairs to try to patiently wait for you to get home. The moment you walked in the door I could tell you were excited about something. "What are you so excited about?" I asked. You smiled and said, "You're just going to have to wait to find out." You had my curiosity roused to say the least. "Did you comply with my one request?" you asked.I looked at you, smiled and said, "Why don't you find out for yourself?" You pulled me to you, and your hands wrapped around my back and slid down to my ass. We kissed as your hands found their way into my jeans. Your fingers found the top of the thong and gave it a playful tug. Then you pulled your hands back out of my jeans and kissed me."Good girl," you said. "We need to go or we are going to be late." You took my hand and we headed out to the garage to get in the car. As you drove, I kept asking you questions about the night. You wouldn't tell me anything other than it was going to be a night of fun. Now I was even more excited about what was planned. We pulled into the parking lot of one of my favorite restaurants. You got out of the car, came around to my side, opened the door and held out your hand to help me out of the car. As we walked in to the restaurant, you put your arm around my waist and pulled me closer to you. You looked over at me and kissed my forehead then pulled the door open and let go of me. We were ushered to our table and the waiter came over. He was new. Tall with dark hair and intense blue eyes. He was very attractive and he couldn't seem to take his eyes off me. "Good evening," he said. "My name is Bradley." Then he looked directly at me and boldly said, "I will be taking care of you tonight."I blushed and looked down at the menu, not believing the audacity of the guy, especially since you were sitting very closely next to me. You squeezed my thigh and I looked up at you. Amusement was in your eyes as you looked back at me. You ordered drinks for both of us. He left to get our drinks and you leaned over and kissed me, very softly but fully. My hand rested on your thigh and it slowly made its way up your leg as we continued to kiss. Bradley came back with our drinks and cleared his throat. As we pulled apart I looked up at Bradley. I couldn't read the look in his eyes. "Would you like to hear the specials?" he asked. We finally decided on an appetizer and kept one menu so we could decide on our entrées later. As we sipped our drinks, you asked me questions about the night. "Is there anything special you want to do?" "Not really," I answered you. "I was hoping you had made plans so I didn't have to think about things at all." "Oh I did, honey," was all you replied with a wink. You were teasing me deliberately, and I knew there was nothing I could do to get you to tell me what you had up your sleeve. I just had to wait, which I was trying to do, but you knew you were driving me nuts. Finally the appetizer arrived. Once we finished it, you had to use the bathroom. Bradley took that opportunity to come back. I politely asked him for a refill on our drinks. He squatted down by the table and said, "I know I shouldn't say anything, but I can't help but stare at you. You are one very beautiful woman.""You are right, you shouldn't," I replied as I looked across the table at him. Our eyes met and then I said, "but thank you. I appreciate the compliment."He stood back up and left to get us another round just as you came back to the table. When he returned, he took our orders. I had you order for me since I couldn't decide. I was having trouble concentrating. All the secrecy and surprise from you and the constant stares from Bradley were driving me nuts. My mind started wandering to places it shouldn't but I couldn't bring it back. I must have gotten a funny look on my face because you looked over at me and asked what I was thinking. Most women would never be able to share their thoughts about something like this with their husbands, but I was never most women. I looked over at you, took a deep breath and said, "Well, you obviously can see that our waiter keeps looking at me. My mind has taken it a little further.""Go on," you said.So I told you. "I was imagining what it would be like to have your hands as well as his on my body at the same time. I wouldn't want you guys to do anything with each other. Just pleasure me. I think it would be highly erotic to have you both touching me at the same time." You smiled at me and said, "That sounds like an interesting fantasy. You have mentioned that one before, as well." Our food arrived, and when we finished it was my turn to find the bathroom. I arrived back at the table just in time to find out that you had ordered dessert. Bradley set the dessert down in front of me and then said, "Happy birthday," and left us to eat the massive slice of cake. It was so good. Vanilla cake and real whipped cream icing topped with strawberries. I picked up one of the strawberries, dragged it through the whipped cream and then very slowly and seductively licked the whipped cream off the berry, my eyes never leaving yours. Then I popped the berry into my mouth and sucked my fingers clean of the strawberry juice.I did that twice and after the second time, my eyes left yours just long enough to see Bradley standing off to the side behind you, staring open mouthed at me. When he noticed me looking at him it broke the trance-like stare and he turned and disappeared. I laughed and told you what had just happened. You said, "He's probably off to the bathroom to get some much needed relief."As you said that you took my hand and placed it on your groin. You were hard and getting harder under my hand. "He's not the only one who could use some relief," you said. I started to rub you through your pants but you pushed my hand away. Bradley came back a few moments later with our check. We finished our drinks, paid the bill and then we headed out. After we left the restaurant, you said we were going to deviate from your plans a bit and do something spur of the moment. You drove a few blocks over to the theater. We walked in and looked at the marquee. We were in luck. There were two movies just getting ready to start that we had both wanted to see. You paid for tickets and we headed to find the theater. It wasn't too crowded and we chose a spot that was pretty far up and towards an end. While we were waiting for the previews to begin, you leaned over and asked, "Were you serious at the restaurant? About the two guy thing?""Yes, I was being serious."One of the most fascinating things about our marriage is that we can tell each other anything. Even our wildest fantasies. We have always been able to talk them through. We have had some pretty intense fantasies come to life in our bedroom. I knew I wasn't risking you getting mad by telling you that yes I was serious and thought it would be great. As the previews started, you put your hand on my thigh and whispered in my ear, "Just how hot did that idea get you?"Your hand was moving up my thigh the whole time you were whispering, so that when you finished your sentence your hand was right there at the junction of my thighs. "Oh, god, that has you just a little excited, doesn't it," you said, barely able to contain your moan as you felt how wet I was through the jeans. You left your hand there but your fingers continued to rub me through the jeans. Softly, just playing. The movie started, and about half way through it I couldn't take it anymore. I pushed the seat divider up and moved closer to you, my hand resting on your semi-hard cock. Slowly I started to rub you, feeling you getting harder with each rub. Your arm was around me and as you got harder, and your hand moved up to my hair. I was thankful that you were wearing dress pants. There was a little more room in them than in the jeans you loved to wear. I unzipped the pants and carefully pulled you out at the same time my head ended up in your lap. You were so ready for me. I could taste the pre-cum and, oh god, it tasted good. I licked it off then started sucking you, dragging you in and then back out of my mouth, gently running my teeth along your length as you moved in and out of me. It didn't take long before your hands were in my hair and you were pushing me down on you. We had been practicing with my deep throat abilities and as you pushed me down on to you, I was able to take all of you into my throat. I felt you stiffen and then flood my throat with your warm seed. I greedily swallowed it down and then put you back inside your pants. I left the zipper for you. You tried putting your hand between my thighs but I kept pushing your hand away. You finally gave up and settled for kissing my neck a few times instead. We watched the rest of the movie with your arm around me and my head on your shoulder, one of our favorite positions. When it was over, you stood up and pulled me into your arms. To this day I still love the feeling of your arms around me. I looked up at you and we kissed then headed out of the theater with our arms around each other. We got back in the car and you locked it then leaned over and one of your hands went around the back of my neck and pulled my face to yours. We kissed deeply. One of my hands went around your neck and the other was in your hair, pulling you closer to me. My body was on fire and needed to feel you touch me. I took my hand out of your hair and grabbed one of your hands and put it on one of my tits. That contact was enough to make me sharply intake a breath. I started to moan as we continued to kiss. The kisses were growing more passionate and my thong was flooded with my wetness. I was actually thankful we had leather seats. I was so wet. I moved your hand from my tit down my body to between my thighs. You growled deep in your throat as you felt the heat and the wetness there. I was silently cursing myself for not wearing a skirt. I needed to feel your hand on me. Now. I undid the button on my jeans and yanked at the zipper. You moved your hand from between my thighs to just inside my jeans. Your hand was slowly rubbing but it wasn't rubbing where I needed you to be. I bucked my hips upwards hoping that would help you move your hand farther down. When you didn't move your hand I roughly grabbed your wrist and pushed your hand down inside my jeans. We both gasped when you touched me. "Oh, are you wet, love," you whispered in my ear. You pulled your hand back out of my jeans, causing me to whimper. You brought your fingers up to our mouths and we both licked and sucked your fingers. It was insanely erotic. My pussy was throbbing. I was squeezing my legs together to get some kind of relief. You pulled your mouth from mine and started the car. "Let's get you home," you said. "I don't want to take you here in the parking lot." On the drive home I somehow was able to zip and button my jeans. Once that was done I leaned back in the seat and put my hand on top of yours. That was the only thing I didn't like about your car. I hated the fact that we could never hold hands unless you were on the freeway. The whole manual thing was cool but not when I wanted to hold your hand. I was thankful that we had figured out that as long as my hand was on top of yours we could still have the basic idea of holding hands and you could still shift. You pulled into the garage and closed the door. As soon as you turned the car off, I had my hands around your face, pulling your mouth to mine. You leaned your seat back a little and pulled me closer to you. I knew what you wanted. I moved onto your lap and leaned into you, kissing you and drinking in the smell of you. That is one thing I will never tire of. The way you smell. So manly and clean. Our kisses increased in passion. I could feel you getting hard under me. I slowly rubbed myself against you as we continued to kiss. Finally I couldn't take it anymore. I yanked the necklace over my head and I then pulled my sweater off, pushing my tits in your face. You attacked them just like I knew you would. You sucked the nipples right through the fabric of the bra. They were so hard from your sucking. You started to bite them. My breath caught in my throat. You groaned, moved your mouth to mine and pushed your tongue deep into my mouth. Neither of us was breathing very well anymore, more like panting and gasping for air in between kisses. My hands reached down between us and I undid your pants, pulling you out. You were so hard. My hand rubbed you as you reached behind me and undid my bra, pulling it off me and tossing it onto the passenger seat. Your hands moved down to my hips and you undid the button and zipper on my jeans. I sat up on my knees so you could pull them down as far as you could. When you got them down to my knees, I extended one leg behind me and you pulled the jeans off that leg and roughly shoved it out of the way. You grabbed your cock in one hand and I pulled my thong out of the way as I slowly sat back down. Just the very tip of your cock had entered me. I could feel your hips pressing against me, trying to get deeper. I leaned forward and kissed you then put my hands on your shoulders and sat down on you. You were instantly buried all the way inside me. I sat still for a minute, relishing the feeling of you filling me and being so deep inside my dripping pussy.I put my hands behind me on your knees, leaned back a little, almost touching the steering wheel, while arching my back, and I began to ride you, slowly. Up and down feeling every inch of your hardness enter me then pull back off."Oh, god, do you feel good," I moaned.You hit that spot inside me every time you pushed back in. Your hands were on my tits playing with my nipples, rabbing, teasing, pulling, pinching. Our eyes were locked on each other's. I started to ride you faster. I could no longer breathe. I was gasping for breath. You slid one hand off my tits and down to my clit. All you needed to do was just put your thumb on my little button and it threw me over the edge. I grabbed your arms and dug my fingernails into you as I screamed your name, cuming hard and drenching you. Your hips thrust up and you said my name over and over as you released deep inside me. I collapsed onto your chest and your arms wrapped around me, holding me until our breathing returned to normal. I opened the door and untangled myself from you, getting out of the car. You handed me my bra and sweater which I pulled over my head after I pulled the jeans back up. I could feel our combined juices running down my thigh. "What's next?" I asked as you got out of the car."A shower," you answered. As I walked past you to head up the stairs, you playfully slapped my ass. I made it to the bathroom first and turned on the water. As we waited for it to warm up we undressed then you reached for me and pulled me to you. We kissed a few times, then you grabbed my hand and led me into the shower, pulling me back to you. We stood there holding each other, letting the warm water wash over our bodies. Then we took turns washing each other. We kissed every so often. "Have you had a good start to your birthday?" you asked."Hell yes," I replied. "Just being with you is a gift.""Well I have another gift for you, babe," you said. "You just have to wait till we get out of the shower to get it." A few minutes later and we were done and drying each other off. I was pulling a new thong out of the drawer when you walked up behind me and said, "Close your eyes and hold out your hand."I did both and felt you put something around my wrist. When you finished you told me to open my eyes. I did and looked down at my wrist. On it was a beautiful silver bracelet that you had inscribed. I read the words and tears sprang into my eyes. I looked up at you and this time your breath caught in your throat. I knew the look in my eyes was radiating pure love. "Thank you so very much. I love it and I love you," I said, while wrapping my arms around you. This time when we kissed it was a kiss that spoke volumes of the love we have for each other. There was nothing hurried or lustful in the kiss. It was all love and passion. You broke the kiss and said, "Get dressed. Our night is not quite over. But we aren't going out again so get comfy."I decided to pull the thong on topped with the tight yoga pants you love. I picked a long sleeved v-neck white t-shirt. No bra. Comfy but sexy. We headed downstairs to the couch and flipped on the TV. There were a few movies on so you picked one. A few minutes later your phone rang. You stood up and walked away from the TV to answer it. I was paying attention to the movie and didn't really hear the conversation until the end.I heard you say, "Okay then, see you in a few."You opened the garage then came back to the couch. "Who was that?" I asked as you sat back down. "Another part of your surprise," you said. Hmmm... now I was really curious. A few minutes later we heard a knock at the door. You stood up to answer it. I was beyond curious but also a bit nervous so I stayed on the couch. I looked up as you came back into the room. My jaw dropped as I recognized Bradley and a woman I didn't know standing next to you. She was about my height, had long blonde hair and really pretty blue eyes. And wow was she fit. Thin but with big perky boobs. I started to speak but you beat me to it. You came over to me and said, "I know that we have talked about this before and I have wanted to do this for you for a long time but never knew how. Bradley and I met a few months ago at the gym and we started talking and became friends. We have talked about our wives' fantasies and how to make them become reality. You know, like your wanting to be with another woman while I watch. I also knew about your little fantasy of having two guys touching you at the same time. Well, he and I talked about it and here he is. By the way, this is Rachel, his wife. She has also been curious about the same things you have. We decided to wait until your birthday to surprise you. I realize this is all quite sudden and you don't know them but I thought that would add to the fantasy. If you don't want to give it a go, we can just open some beers and watch a movie or something." I wasn't sure how I felt about the idea now that it was presented to me. I was instantly jealous knowing that if I went ahead with this, you would be touching another woman. Was I okay with that? Would you still want me after having someone obviously younger and much more in shape? I mentally scolded myself for even thinking that. I looked at you and you could see the hesitation in my eyes. You knew exactly what I was thinking and what was bothering me. I started to speak but you stopped me. "We don't have to do this if you don't want to, love," you said to me."I do want to," I replied. "I am just a little worried and nervous.""I know you are," you said as you kissed my head. "How about some rules?""Okay," I said.The four of us sat down and started to go over some basic rules. It felt pretty awkward for all of us, so I got up and grabbed some beers. I drank about half of mine before I sat it down, thankful that it seemed to help calm me down. The basic rules were decided:1. Sex was only with spouses. Oral was fine on anyone but actual sex was reserved for the couples only. 2. If someone became uncomfortable at any point, they were to say so and the whole thing would stop. 3. This was going to be a one time deal. This fantasy would play itself out and that would be the end of it. We were all comfortable with the rules we so we all sat back on the couch drinking our beers making small talk. It was starting to get really awkward so I finally said, "Well it is my birthday after all so I guess I have to make the first move." I stood up and pulled Rachel to her feet. I was quite nervous especially since this was my first time and I knew you two were watching. I put one hand around her waist and the other behind her neck and pulled her head close to mine. Our eyes closed as we felt our lips touch. Very softly and tentatively, we started to kiss.The kisses began to get bolder, and before I knew it I had forgotten all about the two of you watching us. Our hands started moving along each others bodies, up and down arms, sides, backs while our mouths parted slightly and we started adding a little tongue. My hands moved up to her chest and I cradled her tits as we shared our first real french kiss. Our hands played with each others tits, as we continued to kiss. I dropped my hands to the bottom of her shirt and stopped kissing long enough to pull it over her head. I bent slightly and kissed one tit then the other through the lace of the bra. My kisses moved back up Rachel's chest, across her
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neck and back to her mouth. We kissed deeply, and then I pulled back slightly from her. She pulled my shirt off, then I backed up to the couch and sat down pulling Rachel onto my lap. She straddled my legs and put her arms around my neck. Her lips pressed against mine and then her tongue was in my mouth. My hands reached between us and I started to play with her tits again, pulling on the nipples. She obviously liked that by the moan that escaped her lips. Her hands moved off my neck and down to my tits. Her mouth moved to my nipples, sucking them. They were getting nice and hard. She continued to play with them as my hands worked to get her jeans undone. I finally succeeded and pushed her off my lap. She stood up and I moved to the edge of the couch. I kissed the skin directly in front of me as I wrapped one arm around her waist, pulling her closer to me. I continued to kiss her belly with soft kisses then found her belly button and playfully teased it with my tongue. I kissed her from belly button to the top of her jeans. My hands moved to her hips, and ever so slowly I pulled her jeans down, as I kissed a path to the top of her thong. I pulled my mouth away from her as I helped her step out of her jeans. My mouth moved back to the top of her thong and I kissed her. I kissed my way down and inhaled the smell of her as I moved farther south, and then I was there.Her thong was wet even before my mouth touched her. I gently pushed her legs apart. My tongue seemed to have a mind of its own as I kissed her through her thong. It slipped from between my lips and I licked the length of her slit. She tasted so good. I had to have her. I pushed her down onto the table in front of the couch. I got on my knees, pulled her thong down off her body, wrapped my arms around her legs and pulled her pussy closer to me. I lowered my head and inhaled her scent as my mouth took over. My tongue flicked her clit then licked down her slit and back up to her clit. Oh my god, she tasted wonderful. I had waited a long time to taste my first pussy and I was not disappointed. My tongue slipped inside her and she moaned. I kissed her pussy then slid a finger inside her. Her hips bucked up. My mouth was there to suck her clit while my finger slid in and out of her. I added a second finger and she moaned even louder. I sucked, licked and flicked her clit while I rubbed that special spot inside her. Her body shook and she was writhing all over the table.She moaned, then started to whisper, "Yes! Yes! Yes!" over and over again. Her legs wrapped around me as she pushed my head down on her then she let go. She came and flooded my mouth with her sweet nectar. I licked as much of it up as I could, but my face was drenched. She stopped writhing, opened her eyes and looked at me. Then she smiled, a smile of complete satisfaction. I slowly pulled my fingers out of her as she sat up. I turned to you and put my fingers that were wet with her juices into your mouth, letting you taste her. As you sucked my fingers clean, your eyes never left mine. I pulled my fingers out of your mouth and turned back to Rachel. She stood up and pulled me up with her. She then got on her knees and pulled my pants down, duplicating the way I pulled hers down. I stepped out of my pants and she tossed them aside. Her mouth moved back up to my pussy. She kissed me at the junction of my thighs through the thong. She pulled that down and threw it at Bradley. He caught it midair and brought it up to his mouth. I watched as he licked it, as he tasted me on the material. Rachel pushed my thighs apart and her tongue found my clit. "Oh wow, are you wet," she said as she pulled her head back from me. She looked over to you and Bradley and told you both to stand and to play with my tits while she played with my pussy. You and he were eager to play. Both of you had gotten undressed while Rachel and I played with each other. You were both very hard and obviously had enjoyed the show. You took one of my breasts into your hand and played with it using your fingers and mouth on the whole thing while Bradley took the other. I moaned as you both tugged my nipples with your teeth at the same time. Rachel was using her tongue on my clit and had two fingers sliding in and out of me while you both attacked my chest. It was getting overwhelming. I reached out to hold on to you and Bradley as my orgasm washed over me. I came with shaking legs. Rachel pulled her fingers out of me then stood up and pushed you two away. Then she kissed me full on the mouth. The taste of myself on her lips was amazing. We kissed again, then backed away from each other. We were all standing there looking at each other wondering what was going to happen next when you pulled me into your arms. We kissed and our kisses were deep and full of passion. Your hands were on my face, cradling it. Then I felt another set of hands on me, rubbing my ass. I felt one hand come off me then a moment later I felt a slap. Then the hand was back on my ass, rubbing as it slowly moved down to my pussy. Two fingers slid inside me then back out. In and out a few times, then they moved back toward my ass and I felt a finger rub across that hole. My body gave a little jolt at that initial contact then relaxed. Your mouth moved off mine and down to my tits. I opened my eyes to look at you while you played with my tits. I looked over my shoulder and saw Bradley standing there. It was his fingers that played with my pussy and ass. Rachel was on her knees sucking Bradley. Your mouth felt so good on my nipples as you sucked, bit and teased them. Bradley pushed a finger deep inside me getting his finger nice and wet. He pulled it out and gently pushed it into my ass. Rachel watched him do this, took her mouth off him, and moved over to my pussy. She tongue fucked me while he finger fucked my ass and you attacked my tits. You stood back up and asked them both to stop. Which of course they did. You laid down on the couch with your ass on the very edge and pulled me on top of you. You grabbed my hand and put it around your cock. "Guide me inside you," you said. I held your cock as it slowly slid all the way inside me.When you were all the way in, I sat up, looked over at Rachel said, "Get up on the couch and straddle his face."She was eager to comply. She managed to figure out how to straddle you while she faced me. Your tongue was instantly all over her. I leaned forward and she and I kissed. Your cock was buried in me. Your mouth was all over her. You were in heaven. She and I continued to kiss then I moved my mouth off hers and lowered my head to her clit. I started to lick her as I rode you. Bradley moved to stand behind me and I felt something warm and silky on my ass. I pulled my mouth off of Rachel and just concentrated on fucking you. Then I realized what that warm silky feeling was. It was lube of some sort. Bradley pushed one finger into my ass. Then he slid in a second one, stretching me. Then his fingers were gone. I started to ride you harder, but I felt his hands on my hips which stopped me. Before I realized what was happening, I felt the head of his cock as it pushed into my ass. He paused to let me get used to the feeling then started to slowly move in farther, inch by inch. The feeling was incredible. I leaned forward again to be able to get back to Rachel's pussy. That put my ass even more in the air. My tongue found Rachel's clit just as his cock buried itself in my ass with one final push. That last push hurt a bit, but the taste of Rachel's pussy juice helped make it easier to bear. After he felt my ass relax and begin to accept his size, Bradley started to slowly move in and out of me. You guys could feel each other through the thin wall inside me. You worked out a rhythm and I didn't have to do anything but slowly rock on you both. I was amazed at how good it felt to have both of my holes filled. She and I were both moaning. Her moans got louder as you shoved your tongue deeper inside her. I pulled my mouth away from her just as she came. She drenched your face. She moved off you and I kissed you, kissing and licking all her juice off your face. She moved behind Bradley and somehow managed to get her face in between the two of you. She licked yours and his balls as you both fucked me. I was moaning and my entire body was shaking. I wasn't going to be able to hold on much longer. I kissed you and my fingers found their way into your hair. Suddenly you both started to pound me, hard. It felt incredible. I grabbed the couch as the first wave of my orgasm hit. I screamed your name as wave after wave crashed over me. Then I felt Bradley as he shoved deep into my ass and exploded. You gave a final push and exploded deep into my pussy. I collapsed on top of you, kissing your chest where my head landed."I love you," I whisper as your arms wrapped around me."Oh, babe, I love you too," you whispered back. I felt Bradley pull out of my ass and he said, "Lay down on the rug and Rachel will lick you clean." I did as he asked. Rachel looked at me, smiled then lowered her mouth to me. First she licked my thighs, then she moved her mouth to my clit and gave it a little lick. My hips bucked in response. I was still very sensitive. Then she moved her body so she was straddling me but I couldn't get to her pussy. I tried but she pressed her body down on mine pinning me. I knew that she wanted this to be for me so I relaxed. Her tongue touched my clit then she licked me from asshole to pussy and back again. A few times of doing that and she flipped her body so she was back between my legs. She pushed my legs up so she could get her tongue deeper inside me. Her tongue was moving in and out of my pussy, until she could no longer taste your cum. My body was reacting to her licking, and I couldn't help but moan. She moved her mouth to my ass and cleaned the cum from there as well. She even got her tongue inside me to make sure I was all cleaned up. When she finished she looked up at me and said, "Good as new!" I headed back into the kitchen on very unsteady legs to get some more beer. We had all worked very hard and were thirsty. "Is there anything else you wanted to do, birthday girl?" Rachel asked me as she took a sip of her beer.I looked over at her and said, "As a matter of fact, yes. I wanted to watch you and Bradley fuck each other and then I wanted to clean you up."That idea had Bradley almost instantly hard again."You guys fuck however you want. I just want to watch from start to finish and then taste the mix of you as I clean you up," I said. They drank a few more sips of beer and then Bradley pulled Rachel onto his lap. He buried himself instantly in her and she started to ride him. His hips were meeting hers. He moved his hands from her hips to her tits and pulled her in to him. His hips stopped moving as she grabbed the back of the couch and really started to ride him. Her tits were in his mouth. He was biting and pulling and tugging on her nipples. He took one hand off her tits and slapped her ass. She cried out, "Oh yes, do it again," and kept riding him as he continued to slap her ass. She was saying his name over and over again as he slapped her. Then he pushed her off him and threw her onto the couch. He pulled her legs up so that they are on his chest and he buried himself in her, fucking her hard. Her hands were on her tits and she played with them. "Oh, yeah, play with your tits, Rachel. You know I love that," he said as he pounded into her. Her breathing was changing and he could tell she was close. He pulled completely out of her and said, "That's too soon, lover, roll over." She got on her knees and held onto the back of the couch. He grabbed for the lube and spread some on her ass, then rubbed some up and down his shaft. He positioned himself behind her and slowly pushed inside her ass. This time he fucked her slowly, agonizingly slowly. One of her hands came off the couch and she reached down to play with her clit as he fucked her. Her breathing was changing again, and he picked up his pace. He grabbed a handful of her hair and yanked her head back while he pushed forward. That threw them both over the edge. They came moaning each other's names. While they were busy fucking, we of course were watching them. Your hand was rubbing me while I was sucking you. You came right as they did, flooding my throat with your cum. I swallowed it down right as my orgasm began. As soon as I had the last drops of you swallowed, I moved over to them. Bradley pulled his cock out of her and my mouth replaced his cock. I kissed her ass then began to lick all his cum as it slowly dripped out of her. When I no longer tasted his cum, I sat up and got Rachel to flip over onto her back. She did, and I moved between her legs and slowly licked her pussy, getting my tongue as far in as I could. I went to sit up but Rachel pushed my head back down onto her pussy. "Lick me some more," she said. "I want to cum again and I want it to be because of your mouth."She wasn't going to hear me complain. I slowly licked her pussy with the flat of my tongue from ass to clit. I repeated that one more time, then backed my tongue down and into her pussy. I tongue fucked her then moved my tongue back to her clit, as I slid two fingers inside her. She came almost instantly. I kissed her pussy a few more times, then backed away from her. She was exhausted. I stood up, got a blanket and covered her as she fell asleep. You guys had sat back down on the couch, leaving room in between the two of you. As I sat down, I noticed that you were fully hard again. Bradley was semi- hard. Impressive, after the fucking he just did. I reached over to both of you and wrapped a hand around each of your cocks. As I started stroking you, I said, "Well what a lucky girl I am. Two cocks to have fun with. I don't think my ass could handle another pounding like before so now what?" Neither of you answered so I let go of your cocks, stood up and said, "I'll be right back!" I went upstairs and grabbed one of my toys. When I came back downstairs, I lay down on the table directly in front of both of you and spread my legs wide. I started to rub my clit with my fingers and then pushed two of them inside me, pushing them in and pulling them back out. My fingers moved back to my clit as I slowly pushed the toy inside me. It was an eight inch realistic looking dildo. It was one of my favorites. I had closed my eyes when I laid down but I now opened them and looked first at you and then at Bradley. You were both staring at me and rubbing yourselves. I closed my eyes again, as it was starting to feel really good. That was when I turned it on. I had my fingers rubbing my clit and my other hand was pushing the dildo in and out of my pussy. I was moaning and getting very close. I heard someone stand up and I opened my eyes to see you standing next to me rubbing yourself. I opened my mouth and you shoved your cock inside. I never stopped rubbing myself as you fucked my mouth. "Oh, fuck yes!" you said.I knew you were about to cum, so I pulled my mouth off you and your cock exploded all over my face. Your cum was dripping off my chin onto my chest. I felt the orgasm building and right as I was starting to cum, Bradley stood and squirted his load all over my tits. I came hard on the dildo. I pulled the dildo out of me and put it on the table then stood up. "I'm going to grab a quick shower," I said.True to my word, it was a quick shower, since I had only wanted to get the cum off my face and chest. I washed my pussy and ass as well. Then got out, dried off and came back into the room naked. You and Bradley were talking about any other ideas that we wanted to try before the night was over. Neither of you said much of anything, though I knew both of your minds were racing with possibilities. Bradley asked where the shower was and you went to show him. I sat down on the couch by Rachel, moving her slightly so I could get closer to her. Then I started running my hand over her hair, gently playing with it with way I like my hair played with. After a few minutes, she opened her eyes and smiled at me, then she moved her head so it was in my lap. Then she turned her body so she was facing me with her head still in my lap. She brought one of her hands up to my pussy and her thumb started to rub me. Then she got up on an elbow and pushed my thighs apart. She told me to move forward on the couch then put her head back down. Her tongue found my clit and she pushed two fingers inside me, holding them there on that special spot while her tongue played with my clit and ran up and down my slit from my clit to her fingers. My hand was on her tit playing with the nipple. I tugged on her nipple and she flicked her tongue across my clit in response. I was drenching her face. I looked down at her and noticed she had her other hand between her legs playing with herself. I pushed her off the couch and we straddled each other in a sixty-nine with her on top of me. I looked over at you and saw you were rubbing yourself again. You were semi-hard. Rachel and I were enjoying licking and sucking each other this time. Not hurrying. Just enjoying each others bodies. I continued to lick her, then pulled her legs so I could lick her ass. You came over to us and I saw you had my dildo in your hand. I moved my mouth to her pussy as you pressed the dildo to her ass. You had already lubed it up and you slowly pushed it inside her, turning it on after you got the head of it buried in her ass. She was moaning as her mouth was on me. It was driving me wild. You pushed and pulled the dildo in and out of her as her hips moved in response. When you had it moving easily in and out, you stood up, pulled the dildo out of her, and I watched as you pushed your dick into her ass. My mouth was all over her pussy and clit as you fucked her. I had no idea the effect it would have on me to see you fuck another woman's ass. As you fucked her, she continued to moan and lick my pussy. She had pushed two fingers into my ass and was fucking me with them to match the pace at which you were fucking her ass. At that moment Bradley walked back in the room."Oh fuck, that's hot," he groaned as he sank to his knees in front of me. He grabbed my legs, spread them wide and pulled Rachel's fingers out of my ass. Her fingers moved to my clit as her mouth moved off me. She was sucking Bradley. Getting his cock nice and wet. He pulled out of her mouth and her mouth immediately was back on my clit. I felt the head of his cock press against my ass. "Oh yeah, fuck me," I moaned. Bradley buried his cock in my ass with one thrust. Rachel's fingers were busy rubbing my clit as he pounded in and out of me. You were busy pounding an ass of your own. My tongue was all over Rachel's clit as you continued to fuck her. Rachel started to really moan. Her mouth moved off mine as she kept repeating, "Oh yeah, give to me, fuck that ass.""Fuck me harder," she yelled. "Slap my ass while you fuck me!"Your hand came off her hip and you slapped her ass. Over and over with each thrust.Her fingers were furiously rubbing my clit as you continued to slam into her. Slapping her ass each time. "Oh my god!""Yes!" she screamed as she came drenching my face with her cum.You continued to slam into her as I licked up as much of her juices as I could. Her fingers moved so she had her thumb on my clit and two fingers in my pussy. She was fucking me with them in time with Bradley's thrusts into my ass. She leaned forward and licked my clit while her fingers and thumb continued to rub. "Oh fuck," I heard you moan and knew you were about to cum. Bradley pushed himself all the way into my ass and held himself there. He pushed three fingers into my pussy and slowly fucked me with them. Slowly moving, barely moving, his cock in my ass. You shoved your hips forward until you were all the way inside Rachel and then you let go, cumming hard deep in her ass. I watched as you pulled your length out of her. As I saw the first few drips of your cum push out of her ass, I pulled her hips down. I wanted it, wanted to taste your cum from her ass. I licked her ass then pushed my tongue inside, getting a tongue full of your cum and swallowing it. When I stopped licking, she moved herself off me and Bradley picked up the pace again, fucking me hard with his cock and fingers. It didn't take long before I could feel that familiar sensation building again.Bradley moaned and buried himself all the way in me. His fingers moved just slightly and he found my g-spot. My body started to shake and then I was over the edge. I felt my body release. He had triggered the one spot in my body that let me squirt. Between that and the cum from my pussy, I drenched him. He pulled back then pushed himself in me again and grunted. I felt him explode. I felt his warm seed flood my ass. When he finished, he pulled himself out of me. I was a dripping mess. "Guess I'm going to need another shower." I laughed."Don't bother," Bradley said. "I'll clean this up." With that said, he lowered his head to my sensitive pussy and gently began to lick me and lap up all the wetness. He moved to my ass and licked that clean as well. When he was done, he gave my pussy one final kiss then stood up. We were all completely spent, and it was time for them to get home. We found all their clothes, they got dressed and then we walked them to the door. Rachel and I hugged and kissed one last time. Then Bradley kissed me on the cheek as you kissed Rachel's cheek. We all said goodbye and thanked each other for the fun night that none of us would soon forget. After they left, we closed the garage and then headed upstairs. We both decided one last shower would be a good idea, so we got in and just held each other. My head was on your chest and your arms were around me. We stood that way for a while. Then I said, "I think we should ditch rule number three.""Oh really?" you said."Yes," I said. "I want that to happen again as long as they are up for it.""I bet they will be," was your reply. When we got into bed I rolled onto my side so my head was on your shoulder and your arm was around me. "Did you have a good birthday, love?" you asked me."Yes I did," I said as I leaned up to kiss you. "Thank you. I love you so much, baby.""I love you, too," you said. Then we both drifted off to sleep.

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